Steve Harvey: “I am a monkey!” +Update

That about says it all about these Neo-Black motherfuckers

“For enough money, boss man, I be whatever you want!” I tell you true, I’m less upset with Roseanne calling Valerie Jarrett a monkey than I am with Steve Harvey calling Cornel West a monkey. Primarily because this motherfucker should know better.

[On second listening, maybe third fourth or fifth, it was Tavis Smiley to whom this was directed. Same principle. I didn’t like it and I remember it; because nomads and elephants never forget. Two of the few black speakers that called out the neoliberal black president  at the time of his betrayal, during his tenure (not waiting until the inevitable white supremacist took office, like most of the rest of our so called black intelligentsia) were essentially called monkeys by this Neo-Black shill.  West and Smiley should have been praised for their bravery. Ed.] 


Roseanne seems to come from a redneck background so that kind of insensitivity is to be expected. It’s kept covered by people like Roseanne most of the time. It’s kept hidden in public situations. The problem is when a person like Roseanne lets her guard down at home, the hidden notions emerge. That’s the problem with Twitter. People post on it when they are at home in relaxed private mode, when they have removed their normal public filters, and they publish private thoughts that sometimes reveal their inner prejudices; inner prejudices that all people have but would never express in public. And yet when they are on Twitter, in that relaxed private mode, they obviously forget to use their public filters. They’re naked. Who knows. Maybe Ambien does tend to make people let down their privacy guards inappropriately. Not taking such a drug would not make Roseanne less prejudiced but might have prevented her from revealing it. Maybe Ambien loosened her inhibitions.

In addition, all my skin folk ain’t my kinfolk. Roseanne ain’t said nothing about anybody that wasn’t the enemy of black people, which Valerie Jarrett is; which Barack Obama is; which Michelle Obama is.

These people are the enemy of my people. You white racists can call them whatever you want. I may not like the manner of your attack, but hey, that’s between you and them. They ain’t no kin to me. They are more harmful to the black race than any prejudiced white person could ever be, this side of the Ku Klux Kan.

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