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Obama: A Legacy of Ashes — The Most Revolutionary Act

Obama: A Legacy of Ashes James Corbett (2017) Film Review In his excellent documentary about Obama’s presidency, James Corbett highlights important ways in which Obama systematically reduced civil liberties and democratic oversight of government. After promising to end George W Bush’s de facto lawmaking via unconstitutional signing statements, Obama far signing statements than his predecessor. […] […]

16 Scientific Health Benefits of Cannabis

16 Scientific Health Benefits of Cannabis Luka Petkovich Waking Times When I finished digging through countless studies dealing with health benefits of weed, I only had one question in mind — why are we not using medical cannabis products instead of regular supplements? In a culture where non-organic multi-vitamins are being mindlessly used (in boatloads) […]

FBI Spying On Trump Started In London, Earlier Than Thought, New Texts Implicate Obama White House

by Tyler Durden Sat, 06/02/2018  A new report from John Solomon of The Hill ties together several loose threads floating around over the genesis of the FBI/DOJ espionage operation against the Trump campaign, who was involved in the “setup” of campaign aides, and how text messages between FBI employees suggest that the Obama White House was not only aware of […]