QOTD: The thoroughly useless Neo-Black Caucus

The thoroughly corporate nature of the Democratic Party is the reason that only three Black Caucus members are minimally worthy of the term “progressive” (and, of course, if slavish support for Israel is made a “bright line” issue, then none of the Caucus qualifies.)

The Democratic Party grossly distorts and mangles the political aspirations and sentiments of all the Americans it purports to represent, but especially Black people, who are effectively stripped of any real say in government by the only corporate party the duopoly provides for them.

Anybody that thinks they can transform such a party from the inside-out, is thinking very badly – or a Democrat trying to fool you.



  1. Afrofem · · Reply

    They are indeed useless to Black people. They should all be primaried out in 2018-2020.

    1. that wont work. theyd just be replaced by more of the same. socially engineered corporate neo-blacks. the system is designed to screen out black progressives. im afraid the solution involves the death of the democratic party. the democratic party must die!

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    Now I am understanding your position more.

    Socially engineered corporate neo -blacks don’t only reside in the USA.

    We have a stooge called Maimane , who is the leader of the Democratic Party here,whose party policy is in total alignment with israeli’s policy since apartheid.

    After reading how Churchill was groomed by jewry,at a young age , I am slighter closer to understanding the mindset of the sell-outs.
    Nelson Mandela was also groomed.

    Something happened to Black leadership in the USA after the Civil Rights Movement was infitrated/led by jews. The same in South Africa- the behind the scenes of the ANC reveals the jewish hand (as usual).

    I had disagreed with you previously that we should not call them out publicly,but try to have conversations privately . I am changing my mind.

    (Perhaps an important area of study can illuminate the jewish practice of capturing the minds of their victims).

    If I am not mistaken ,all of the above have given a pledge of allegiance to the apartheid state of israel.
    The mad thing is : the plight of African Americans , Black South Africans and Palestinians share the same oppressor. Mossad ,for example, is behind the policing in all said countries. Doubtfully,the sellouts will tell us minions who and what their masters are.

    If we are vigilant ,we should call out Black ‘corruption, ‘but never end there.
    It is more the corruptors than I am interested in .

    God!! RIP MalcolmX and Steve Biko.

    1. now they are going to put bloggers under surveillance and collect all kinds of info on us. (I thought I was already under surveillance). I’ll probably post this when I have the chance. Its disturbing.

    2. If I am not mistaken ,all of the above have given a pledge of allegiance to the apartheid state of israel.

      Thats what Cynthia McKinney said. I was shocked to find the same in UK. This article names names.

      1. taotesan · ·

        nomad,i find this (evill) so very scary .

        the pnac is truly a diabolical masterstoke of genius -first the 9/11 false flag, then all the wars and genocides in the interests of jews ,shoehorning the patriot act on the american public. surely the corrruptors were more behind the scenes when they were spying on americans before 9/11 now it is legal.

        the fema camps (gulags) unfortunately are going to be filled soon .

        these people? are not playing. reminiscent of communist ussr.

        CYNTHIA MCKINNEY!they tried to murder her in israel ,ypu know, and now smashed out of political life by the original corruptors. that is what they do to Black people of the highest calibre and integrity
        a ittle tricky for south african politicians to sign such a pledge on the heels of supposed ended apartheid.but in a short matter of time :austraila and canada,

        i am feeling very sick .
        i wish the american people will wake up.

      2. i know what you mean

  3. taotesan · · Reply

    All of us wake up .

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