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Massive Alt Media Conspiracy Covers Up Neocon Crime Wave — Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond

Warmonger-in-Chief: Trump’s Catastrophic Foreign Policy From Day 1 Proves He Was Never A Peacemaker Trump’s Mideast Warmongering Exposes Neocon Scheme For Regime Change In Tehran The Millennium Report “Every U.S. military move made by Trump since Inauguration Day has foreshadowed the Zionist war being waged against Iran (and Syria).  Being a lifelong Christian Zionist, it was […]


The Trump family is Jewish.An Israeli-based pro-Trump company called Inspiration, run by former Israeli intelligence officers, “had a plan for voter manipulation in US swing states.”Trump – Jewish Patronage / The Countless Israeli Connections to TrumpJoel Zamel, the ‘Israeli specialist in social media manipulation,’ had an August 3, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower in New […]


 By GUEST AUTHOR  May 24, 2018  ShareTweetGoogle++ SES SERCO “WET-WARE” SOFT KILL PLAN IS HAPPENING, BUT CAN BE STOPPED: DEFUND THEM, NOW! Fig. 1—Serco Group Plc conspires with the Senior Executive Service (SES) to implement a soft kill program to depopulate the world through eugenics, networks, software and poison programs. (MAY 16, 2018)—On Jan. 02, 2018, […]