Where did that missing 21 (closer to 61) trillion dollars go?

Underground bases, UFOs, and Mirrorworld #TheTinFoilisReal

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  1. Yeah. This is a long one. Havent seen it all. Grabbing bits and pieces. But that introduction is so mind blowing. 21 to 61 TRILLION dollars missing?!?! From an 18 trillion a year GDP?!?! There has been an unbelievably massive siphoning of wealth from American citizens and most of it , given otherwise inexplicable increase in revenues from mining and elevators, has gone underground. It points to an underground project at the very least. A massive one. But breakaway civilization? Maybe so but it could only be two generations long. If it began in 1945 at the end of WWII the breakaway civilization is only 70 years old.

    Like they say. Follow the money. If all of your money is going underground then thats where the action is. Thats where the power that controls the whole shebang is. The surface world is indeed the farm, And Antarctica seems to be the capital of the underground world. Have you heard about the many world leaders that have traveled to Antarctica for some obscure reason?

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