Uh oh. Looks like we’ll be invading Europe

Originally posted on AGR Daily 60 Second News Bites: The European Union is planning to switch payments to the euro for its oil purchases from Iran, eliminating US dollar transactions, a diplomatic source claimed. Brussels has been at odds with Washington over the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, which was reached during the administration…


via Europe to ditch petrodollar for Iran deals — The Most Revolutionary Act

One comment

  1. Well, we wont invade right away. We’ll impose sanctions. Finance internal political foes. Demonize elected government heads. I dont know what we’ll do about the Queen. Flood Europe with moderate terrorists. Foment a few coups. Drought them out with weather warfare. Carpet bomb. Drone. Send in Blackwater (or whatever name its using now) and CIA. And if that doesnt work then we’ll invade.

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