Meet Noam Chomsky: Academic Gatekeeper — The Most Revolutionary Act

Meet Noam Chomsky: Academic Gatekeeper James Corbett (2012) Film Review This documentary explores prominent dissident Noam Chomsky’s peculiarly pro-corporate neoliberal positions on the Federal Reserve, the JFK assassination and 9-11. Using archival footage of Chomsky presentations, Corbett begins by outlining issues in which he (and most of the activist community) share Chomsky’s political views. Obama […]

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  1. taotesan · · Reply

    Ordinary human beings ,whether of Tibetan,German, San, Arab,Comanche origin or what you will,just don’t have it in them to tell monstrous lies. And another
    thing ,we also cannot wrap our minds that some ‘people’?, can lie on such a massive scale,be so deceptive and cunning,until one investigates their assertions /lies. .
    Almost always are we incredulous that such bold lies could even be entertained. God’s chosen people so they keep on saying ,(another monstrous lie) tell such outrageous lies,that we believe them ,because we cannot believe that any human being could be so bereft of conscience to lie on such a massive scale. Then we/I are confronted with ourselves in being so credlous to accept the supposed worst of humanity (thank goodnes the Germans had not plumbed the depths of depravity) and are relieved and outraged that we have been lied to ,that we (goyim) are merely dupes,not criminal liars like jews are . Then we find out that these lies are projections and the actual history of their atrocities against humanity.

    The so called worst genocide in the annuls if history whereby the Germans horribly murdered God’s chosen through masturbation till death machines,peddle driven brainbashing machine, through bizarre medical experiments . The human skin lamps ,shrunken heads,human soap, and the thousands of out of this world macabre lies of the ‘survivors’,that is what finkelstein and chomsky would like us to believe .

    The jewish ploy is to play both sides,whilst advancing their tribes agenda (for world domination).

    Both of them insinuated themselves into the limelight,not unlike pastors of Christian churches too lazy to do any real work .

    Both of them of them are zionists and both of them are against BDS.

    Their so-called outspokenness is a smokescreen, a jewish Punch and Judy show to confuse the goyim.

    If you notice, chomsky, zionist that he is, never ever names the criminals . It is always the elite,the government , the USA , the corporatists,the plutocrats.

    Never bernard baruch, warburg-Federal Reserve.
    Never kissinger -Vietnam . Never lazar kaganovich-Russian Red Terror. Never levticher-Mao’sCommunism ,
    Not ever – ariel sharon,dov zakheim,lauder, rumsfeld et al-911. Never oppenheimer-South African apartheid.

    To chomsky , the criminal band of psychopaths are always amorphous ,nameless corporatists, never his jewish tribe,whom he serves first and foremost. He has inserted himself into the public domain to mislead.

    Because he says so ,people of different persuasions (all conspiracy theorists according to him) must drop why JFK was assissinated. His tribe , in israel, headed by ben gurion , had the president of the USA assasinated so that israel’s nuclear program could go ahead.

    Through his dismissal of the truth of 9/11 chomsky,”who cares?” had completely outed himself as controlled opposition zionst gatekeeper His tribe, in israel and the United States of israel ,whom he does not want to name and does not want us to name ,insults scientists and engineers to protect his tribe . If you remember he was almost the very first person to have his book published out of the ashes of 9/11. (I was one of those dupes then).

    The man is of the mould like fellow pahological liars -viktor frankel and eli weasel ,et al, who had garnered millions of dollars in book sales and public appearances -all based on putrid lies.

    jews lie .chomsky is a zionist jew.

    1. i cannot disagree. the evidence is compelling. esp the lying part. as usual i have a term for such a branch of humanity. “homo prevaricatus”. of course, in my hypothesis they are not all jews.i may have to revise.
      tell me. bill gates. is he jewish?

    2. Yet another theory.

      “It is quite a “conspiracy theory,” I know. But look at it this way, how else can we explain their tendencies and behaviors? If organized annihilation was an intrinsic value of humanity then we would have died out long ago. The globalists are not human, though. They are something opposite, and if you do not understand this core truth, they can be bewildering and terrifying.”

      We seem to all agree that there is a elite minority ruling over us that are not quite human. a mutation as I indicate with term homo prevaricatus. or a genetic psychological defect/mutation. or reptilian as Icke asserts. not human. But they rule. And they rule with the morals of a psychopath. The form of government mirrors their dark hearts. The psychopathocracy. Bent upon spreading horror disease and destruction across the globe.

    3. Youve got me cogitating. The interesting thing is that these are not even the Jews of the Bible. Ashkenazi. Ironic that the word “nazi” is a part of their name. Ashkenazi Jews. A people that originally were not semitic at all, though they have do doubt intermarriaged with semites. Fake Jews perpetrating a massive fraud to justify their usurpation of Palestine.

      Psychopaths rise to the top of any government due to their innate ruthlessness. The fake jews have apparently been particularly successful in the developing a culture of psychopathy.

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    The other one is tim wise ,another jew who had insinuated himself as an expert on racism against Black people ,putting the blame solely on the whites ,whilst casting jews as co-sufferers of oppression . All the while, like chomsky and fellow tribesman , raking in the money.
    All sides covered. As always

  3. taotesan · · Reply

    Fucken 1984 . Eric Blair was absolutely spot on . Bunch of Golsteins.

  4. taotesan · · Reply

    Still thinking how to frame an answer to you
    between studies.,nomad

  5. taotesan · · Reply

    Lost two long comment to your question and reply , nomad. (Bad internet connection).

  6. taotesan · · Reply

    So,to cut it short:
    Bill Gates , the other billionaire in office and the wicked woman also-ran ,evil and greedy that they are, are blinded to the fact that without the land and lives of the guardians of Turtle Island and Africans ,they would be absolutely fuck-all

    Even with their unbridled anti-humanity, they are still Satan’s little helpers.

    Who is the jewish face of eugenics in the jewish owned and dominated mainstream propaganda machine?
    Who’s idea is it to make the illegal embassy in Jerusalem?

      ‘Unmasking the Satanic Jew’: Nation of Islam leader loses verified status on Twitter

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