What psychopaths think is funny


  1. That Obama and Bush video says it all. But what do you expect since they’re cousins.lol As a matter of fact Obama is also cousins with Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin too. And Hilary Clinton and Trump are cousins. Isn’t that such a cool coincidence? It’s one big family affair! When will people wake up from the deception?

    1. right. and his family has no ancestry in slavery. iirc. like most black americans. knows nothing about the long term familial ramifications of slavery.

      1. That’s true! These politicians are a damn joke. It’s all a stage and each plays a part.

    2. and we dont know who his family really is. not the black part. like princeray says, this negro came out of a test tube. probably used some dna from this guy. note the resemblance.

      1. he doesnt look anything like his putative father or any of his African so called relatives. that was a cover story and a stolen name. well, a bought name. the senior obama was a part of the scheme and thats probably why hes dead, along with a bunch of people from obamas past.

      2. Right! He’s like a ghost that came from out of nowhere!

  2. Well, I’ve been intending to do a post on obama, for over a year now, summarizing his administration. been done by many. from different angles. i think i might do one on the mysterious and convenient deaths in his wake.

    Aside. This shows how Youtube scrubs videos. There used to be a video on Youtube about the death of Sinclair, iirc. Thats the one I wanted to post here. Cant find it. But anyway hes now dead.

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