A tale of two Bills

Whats the difference? I’ll give you one guess

After Bill Cosby Was Found Guilty, Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Shares Photo: ‘Yes, It Is Time’

guess i should put a via here: https://aim4truth.org/2018/04/28/truth-news-headlines-april-28-2018/

check em out. they aint playin


  1. Check mate! Game over! Brilliant!

    1. i cant take full credit. i got this off of a pro-Trump site. Can you believe it?

      i dont agree w their perspective per se but they have some good stuff.

      patriots! thats what its called.

      1. I feel you. But either way truth is truth! I may have to steal it lol

    2. They seem to be some cool white folks. I was trying to find the post where they had a cartoon about the Starbucks incident with a caption that said “Now serving white guilt”. I left a comment that said “Don’t feel guilty just don’t be racist.” The next day or so they had a cartoon of a white western looking guy giving a fist bump to a dreadlock black guy with a caption reading something like “This is what the PTB fears.

      I dont know if my comment spurred that or not, but I appreciated it.

      1. That’s funny.lol Yeah I think your comment did spark that.

    3. check this out if you havent already

      1. I saw this a few days ago. She really went in HARD! She did not hold back! I have to admit she made some very valid points. I think the points she made are things most people don’t want to address when it comes to racial issues. But I really admire her passion. I salute her for that!

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