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Google and Facebook Were Created by the CIA

The CIA! They’re Everywhere! They’re Everywhere!

White hat CIA Analyst On Deep State, Russiagate & the War Machine

Apparently there are some good CIA agents. Not good CIA agents but CIA agents that are good. God bless’em. We need’em. John  Kiriakou was recruited by his college professor who was a secret CIA agent!?! Makes me wonder how many of my college professors were secretly CIA. The CIA! They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere!

The pathology of the West is the psychopathy of our leaders

It is about the time for the rest of the world to treat the West as a mental patient, not as the ‘leader of the free and democratic world’. This is a great article, an astute diagnosis to which I have one caveat. It is not the people themselves that suffer from the disorder. It […]

QOTD: Western culture is a “pathology”

Yes! I agree with Jung; and his analysis supports my contention. Jung pronounced Western culture a pathology. The pathology expresses itself  in the  form of government  that has emerged from that pathology. A psychopathocracy.   Carl Gustav Jung described Western culture, on several occasions, as a “pathology”. He did it particularly after WWII, but he […]