QOTD: Freedom of speech for white people

…African Americans have been in the vanguard of leftists/progressive social movements, “political revolutions” and have been among the most radical of thinkers and agitators in same. To relegate us to the margins or as minorities in movements that we have been central to and in many cases led, is to do what white people have always done to black people, namely, to co-opt and/or to culturally appropriate our ideas, methods, music, styles and struggles. More previously noted, in this way, the white left and its media sources are no different than white America overall. It segregates, isolates and imprisons radical black perspectives and the most aggressive radical elements of Black America, letting in only those it feels comfortable with or those who conform or those it can profit from. This is true even of spaces like RT. Black radicals like Gerald Horne and the aforementioned bin Wahad, have been on the station in ways they never have on the establishment white progressive stations. But, RT is still white progressivism. Chris Hedges, Thomm Hartmann, Jesse Ventura, all have shows on RT and all are, of course, white. Therefore one cannot argue that because the station is Russian television that this explains the lack of racial diversity. If white Americans can get their own shows on RT then black progressives who have a critique of U.S. imperialism should also.



  1. Afrofem · · Reply

    The exclusion of Black Left voices is one reason I gave up on “progressive” media some time ago.

    When Black voices are included in programming, it is usually as loss leader or enticement from the outlet to attract and build a multiracial audience.

    Case in point, when The Real News Network began, it had a few shows hosted by or featuring Black Leftists. As they grew, TRNN shunted Black people to behind the scenes work or chucked them out completely. Now they are nearly as White as Free Speech TV or Democracy Now.

    Thanks for curating this article. I’m surprised because, RT came under scrutiny by the author, too.

    1. I had never even heard of The Real News Network. Is it on cable? I’ll find out. Yep, thats also my criticism of RT. They can sound surprisingly similar to MSN sometimes. News with Ed and Larry King, and before he left, Thom Hartman can be really irritating sometimes.

      1. oh wait yeah i vaguely remember seeing it online. is it on network tv?

  2. Afrofem · · Reply

    @ nomad

    I think TRNN is online only. Here is a link:


    1. thanks. i probably wont bother. damn. they could at least do a Black Agenda Report show. those guys are already out there. RT could do it too.

  3. Afrofem · · Reply

    @ nomad

    Do you listen to Black Agenda Radio? It is hosted by Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey on the Progressive Radio Network every Monday at 11am:


    You can subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

    1. i dont. but i do see their shows are posted on the blog.

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