Obama spell broken? I don’t think so

Black people still don’t comprehend the extent of the betrayal. That leads to warped mythologizing and false beliefs. Blacks will likely be under that spell for a long time. Validating a fraud into posterity. I usually agree with Glen Ford. Not here. The spell is not over.

Most white Americans bought into the lie because they wanted to: imperial-mindedness is white privilege on a global scale. Blacks have historically opposed U.S. militarism, but they acquiesced to Obama;s aggressions and neutered their own peace politics because they wanted to — in deference to the Black family in the White House.

But Obama-Time is over; the spell is broken. Donald Trump is the sum of all Black fears and loathings, an arch racist who is perceived as rendering the entire planet unsafe for people of color. Blacks are primed to oppose all of his policies, foreign and domestic. Black people are the only U.S. group that shares the general global distrust of U.S. foreign policy motives. Moreover, Black America is inherently skeptical of U.S. power structures, because Power in the U.S. has always lied about Black people — and about people of color elsewhere in the world.


“Black America is inherently skeptical of U.S. power structures.” Used to be. We have been reprogrammed by the Obama psychological operation. Black America has been transformed -most of it anyway- into Neo-Black America. We have been re-engineered. We are not just respectable Negroes in this post-Obama era. We are imperial Negroes. There is now a little Barack Obama inside us all.


  1. Zuesse –

    Americans can’t learn from even the most blatant experiences, such as having been lied into destroying Iraq in 2003…

    Americans cant learn. That’s why black Americans cant learn from the Obama mistake. Americans, black and white alike, simply cant learn. Ignorance and stupidity is in their DNA.

  2. Afrofem · · Reply

    @ nomad

    There is now a little Barack Obama inside us all.

    Good Gawd! That is a terrifying thought!

    I will write more later….

  3. Afrofem · · Reply

    I think younger Black people are less enthralled by Obama than the Boomers and Gen X-ers.

    1. i dread that black posterity will falsely equate Obama with MLK. that they will not know the difference. will not be taught the difference. will be taught a lie. will be further programmed and become even newer neo-blacks. to paraphrase the invisible man:

      Behold, sir, your greatest creation since the invisible man! The Neo-Black!

      Black Americans will have been reengineered into imperial Negroes.

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