MLK dream, Obama myth

I could not bear to look at it. The King commemoration events. Each time I flipped my TV to the coverage, some speaker or interviewee would tie his King homage with something asinine. In this post-Obama era, sentiments that may have sounded admirable prior to 2008 are just plain delusional in 2018. One speaker called on young people to get out and vote. Encouraging black people to rely on voting and by extension the Democratic Party is ludicrous. We have already seen what the Democratic Party will do when it owns the presidency and both houses of congress, as it did with the first Obama administration. I find this kind of linkage of MLK with the back stabbing Democratic Party offensive, and I changed the channel. I could not bear to look at the faces of black congressmen that showed up to commemorate the event, like John Lewis, and to a lesser extent non-governmental black leaders, like Jesse Jackson; the government officials, for betraying the black community, and the so-called black leaders for not denouncing the eight year farce black America was forced to endure. I don’t know if black Americans as a socio-political segment can move forward in any significant way until this is widely understood. Barack Obama was a detriment to the legacy of Martin Luther King, not a fulfillment of it. So I could not watch this stuff because I know that what underlies it is the perpetuation of a myth. That myth? That Obama, and by extension the Democratic Party’s platform, is the fulfillment  of MLK’s legacy. Or at least the watershed moment, because Obama himself, as he  remarked on this occasion, envisioned the struggle going on endlessly. That is another way of saying there is no alternative to the status quo. It goes on forever , with black people struggling in vain for their rights into perpetuity. That is antithetical to Dr King’s dream. In it, we don’t just go on fighting endlessly, nor do we conform to the status quo. In King’s dream, we overcome.

Black “leaders” speak of the progress  made since King,  as if he would have approved of their abject capitulation to imperialism and neo-liberalism in the 21st century, simply because a brown face was put on it. These people on the dais, held up for us to hear, are the antithesis of Dr King. He was a revolutionary. The current black leadership and political class are accomodationists. One speaker lamented the racism of those that elected Trump, implying that Clinton would have been a better president. I’m just not having it. She is just as racist as Trump. The only difference is that she is politically correct in her language. As far as the rush to war with Russia we are now witnessing under Trump, it started under Obama. He locked the incoming president  into an antagonistic posture with Russia when he expelled the first set of Russian diplomats at the end of his term in office. Hillary would have marched us to the brink of war with Russia, continuing Obama’s agenda, sooner than Trump did. Trump has been under constant pressure to do this, I might add, by the Deep State and its press (mainstream news) and even the Democratic Party. I just noticed today that Trump has backed off his statement that he was going to pull out of Syria. Evidently his handlers  prevailed on him because leaving Syria does not accord with long term Deep State plans.

At any rate, I could not watch these charlatans and betrayers of trust as they honored King with their words, having dishonored him with their deeds. They, the blacks in government, who fund the war machine and the militarization of the police… I just could not listen to them. Nor could I have confidence in the remembrances of those who were close to King.


I don’t know if what Dick says here is true or not. But it is clear that there was some spying going on among King’s associates, and unfortunately for those true champions among them, a tiny cloud of suspicion hovers over them as a group. It’s a bit like one of those war prisoner movies where there is a snitch among them but nobody knows who it is. So when I am listening to their glorious stories of their sojourn with King, how do I know I am not listening to a traitor? There is a small cloud hanging over them. I do know one that was found out though. Ernest Withers, Martin Luther King’s friend and photographer. Very sad because I met, admired and liked this very personable man. It turns out he was an FBI informant.

Ernest Withers, who was trusted by civil rights leader to sit in on strategy meetings spied on black activists and white radicals
Ernest Withers created the most iconic image of the movement, yet he was a spy. Ain’t that some shit?
At any rate, I could not watch much of the King commemoration. But the testimony of the wives of the two men whose deaths precipitated the sanitation worker strike (that brought King to Memphis) was powerful. They were phenomenal speakers and their words seemed like a performance piece. Perhaps it was. If so, it was great. I’m glad I saw it.
Then Obama did a recorded video statement, embellishing the new Neo-Black myth that his presidency was the culmination of Martin Luther King’s legacy. That seems to be the underlying assertion of these black achievement celebrations. That Obama’s administration was a victory for black people. I say no! That’s a myth. Kill it before it grow. That is the greatest subversion that has ever been thrust upon black people. The Obama travesty and the myth that has arisen out of it –that this war criminal’s administration is something for black people to be proud of– is the regressive antithesis of Martin Luther King. This unwarranted linkage of Obama with the heritage of King is a false linkage and a subversive myth. Kill it before it grow.


  1. Ever since we were kidnapped as a people from the continent of Africa, the Amerikan elitarians have continually thrown smoke screen after smoke screen in order to manufacture the appearance of social progress, hence, celebratory events, a black face President, post racial era and supposed upward mobility are all suddenly a given.

    At these hypnotic events, officials are quick to laud 50+ year old social achievements; Obomber’s SELECTION,… pardon me, (clearing throat), I meant to say his election and continually repeat the same worn speeches and boring quotes that are supposed to mean something. Personally, I haven’t been able to decipher these vacuous meanings.

    Have you been able to do so??

    But just when you look beyond the smoke screens, you immediately realize that the wheels of the vehicle of upward mobility are lifted up, there is no traction whatsoever and if there is force of adhesiveness to propel us forward, well then, we are essentially at a social, political and economic standstill.

    In summary, all of the meaningless celebrations, commemorative events and an American President with Kenyan roots, who is not of our stock, were for naught.

    1. hi, blacksage. good to see you here. sorry i missed this comment. caught in spam filter.

      no i have not been able to decipher. seems to mean ‘screw you black people’.

    2. thanks for the like. that one was really appreciated. i should have known you left a comment as well.

  2. That guy Nomad always hated me.
    For what, I don’t know!
    Every time I plant a seed;
    He say
    Kill it before it grow.

    Read it in the news!!!

  3. Afrofem · · Reply

    ” The current black leadership and political class are accomodationists”

    To me, their betrayal goes way beyond accommodation. The current Black leadership have served their White masters as Negro Compradors. They have managed the exploitation of Black people through their support for school privatization, expansion of the Prison-Industrial Complex and rampant gentrification in major cities. They voted to militarize the police. They stood silent when New Orleans drowned in 2005. They have repeatedly voted for ceaseless warmaking that siphons taxpayer money from human needs in their districts to corporate pockets.

    Just looking at the MLK commemorations proves you have a stronger stomach than me, nomad. Listening to any speechifying by Rep. Lewis (or the rest of the CBC) is enough to make a thinking person hurl.

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