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MLK: A Snap Shot in Time

The myth of the “Black Church” as the central player in the huge social transformations of the 1960s begins with the false testimonials that poured from pulpits and Black radio microphones on that Sunday, April 7th, 1968 — and have soiled the historical record ever since. Accommodation with Power — not transformation or liberation — was the watchword of the Black church, then as now. King and his SCLC were a rogue faction of dissident Baptists in a sea of petty capitalist hustlers in clerical collars whose mission was to reconcile Black people to life under apartheid.

Falsifying history: JFK and MLK

Against False Conflation: JFK, MLK, and the Triple Evils Paul Street “The Kennedy brothers approved racist FBI director J. Edgar Hoover’s regular and relentless police state surveillance, smearing and infiltration of the movement, including Dr. King.” Two Murders I do not pretend to know the full stories behind the assassinations or executions of either John […]

King’s Legacy Betrayed — Consortiumnews

The legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., who was assassinated 50 years ago today, has been cynically exploited by corporate and political leaders who care more for the needs of their rich donors than black constituents, comments Margaret Kimberly.  […] A Nation Going Backwards …King’s legacy is severely diminished because it has been used by […]


Stompie MoeteskyStompie was murdered by Winnie Mandela. Winnie Mandela was found guilty in court of the murder of Stompie.Many other boys were murdered by Winnie’s gang.THE MURDEROUS MANDELAS / MANDELA THE SPOOK / MANDELA IN LONDON IN 1962 MEETING SPOOKY PEOPLE / GANGSTER MANDELA’S LEGACYMulti-millionaire Mandela who reportedly worked for MI6.Nelson Mandela was anti-communist.Winnie Mandela… via […]