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The “Dangerous to Our Democracy” Viral Video and its Hypocritical Media Coverage — The Vigilant Citizen

    A video compilation proving that countless local news networks read the same exact scripts around the United States is a chilling reminder of the Orwellian, heavily controlled nature of mass media. […] The fact that media sources are attempting to frame this issue in a liberal vs conservative debate only highlights the mediocrity, […]

457 / 556 important figures in 1919 Soviet Government were… — The Tap Blog

Have you ever read about the Red Terror? It included such dreadful detail I found myself skipping over paragraphs. Is it illegal or hate crime or a Semolinaic offense to retell this? Yes, I use Semolina in case I am called you know what. I have a Jewish uncle who gave great advise: don’t be… via […]

Research: Aircraft Pollution Implicated in Dangerous Ultraviolet Radiation Increase — Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

The article states: “In science when a discovery is made that contradicts current understanding, scientists have the responsibility to attempt to refute the discovery beyond reasonable doubt. If unable to do so, the implications of the new discovery should be discussed in the scientific literature. The 2007 D’Antoni et al. discovery of UV-C radiation reaching Earth’s […]