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QOTD: The most reckless and irresponsible behavior in world history

The world is being driven to war, which would be nuclear, by a tiny minority: Israeli Zionists, neoconservatives, and the US military/security complex. We are witnessing the most reckless and irresponsible behavior in world history. Where are the voices against it? The post What Secretary of State Tillerson’s Firing Means appeared first on

Sprayed products are in every breath you take, every bite you eat and every drink you take

GLOBAL WARMING IS COVER STORY For Weather Warfare Against America By Wayne Jett © September 1, 2017 Geoengineering technology creates severe weather conditions to be used as weapons against targeted populations, areas and environments. The technology has been developed largely by U. S. military efforts to “own the weather,” supposedly to win wars against foreign […]

Gun culture and white supremacy

Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz City Lights (2018) Book Review According to Dunbar-Ortiz, the main function of the Second Amendment, is to enshrine the voluntary militias used by white settlers to dispossess Native Americans of their land and compulsory slave patrols to hunt down and capture runaway slaves. […] […]

Why the Super-Rich Rush to Buy Nuclear-Proof Bunkers: Ukraine

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The rush amongst the super-rich started after the key event of 2014; this single stunning event suddenly sparked that rush by the super-rich to buy nuclear-proof bunkers, and the rush has been nonstop since that event. Though many news-media in The West have reported on the existence of this… via […]

New Evidence Points to Man-Made Earthquake in Christ Church Disaster — Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

The Article Kiwi’s have been Waiting for ~ Study Raises More Serious Questions About The Christchurch Earthquake By Peter Drew – Feb 2, 2018 Who Knew It Was Coming And Why? A report by the New Zealand Earthquake Commission adds to speculation and mysteries surrounding possible foreknowledge of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 […] On […]

The Neo-Black National Monument

February was an interesting month. This year.  Most years I barely acknowledge Black History Month, but when I do I celebrate it as Neo-Black History Month. Because of the neoliberalism that has overtaken this generation –the neoliberal subversion of black America. They do it through the art. They do it with the movies and TV. […]

Chemtrail season +typical chemtrail day +

Looks like it’s chemtrail season again. Not that they ever really stop spraying. It’s just that most of the time, as far as I can tell, it’s light. But during the seasonal change, from warm to cold and visa versa, the chemtrailing is heavier. And they like to spray heavily ahead of storm fronts, like […]

Lightening Lupita

Update: Back in line at Walmart again. Found the magazine: Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles Guide. Conveniently they post on their site the original picture of Lupita so you can see exactly how much they lightened her skin for the cover. I thank them for doing that so that I don’t have to find a completely […]

Black Panther Movie: Another Black Face in a High Place

Freedom Rider: Black Panther Movie: A Black Face in a High Place Margaret Kimberley, “There are colored people on screen!” The desire to see a black face in a high place is a legacy of slavery and the century of Jim Crow segregation that followed. The psychological impact of America’s apartheid is enduring, and unlikely […]

The CIA Democrats — World Socialist Web Site (en)

Dozens of former CIA and military operatives are running as Democratic candidates for Congress in 2018. […] The Democratic leaders are promoting CIA agents and Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. At the same time, such people are choosing the Democratic Party as their preferred political vehicle. There are far more former spies and soldiers seeking the […]