The Fools on the Hill: From M.A.D. to Madness

Will Humanity Survive Crazed Washington?

Stephen Lendman agrees that the murderous criminals in Washington are driving humanity to extinction.

Because of the control over explanations that people in the Western world receive, most are unaware of the mounting danger.

In the past few days extreme and serious threats have been issued against Russia and Syria by Washington and London. It seems that finally the Russians have had enough. The Russian Foreign Ministry informed the crazed UK prime Minister May that “one does not give 24 hours notice to a nuclear power.” The Russian Foreign Ministry went on to state that the so-called “Skripal poisoning” is “a colossal international provocation” and “another crooked attempt by the UK authorities to discredit Russia.”

Powerful Russia put impotent Britain on notice: “Any threat to take ‘punitive’ measures against Russia will meet with a response. The British side should be aware of that.”

As for Washington’s threat to strike Syrian army forces, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said if such a strike occurs, “the consequences will be very serious.”

It could be the case that Washington, concerned about its deteriorating military capability vis-a-vis Russia has decided to attack before the new Russian weapons are fully deployed, and that the purpose of the threats based on orchestrated false charges are to prepare the Western peoples for war.

During the 25 years I spent in Washington, there was still some intelligence and some integrity in the US government. Today neither intelligence nor integrity exists in Washington. You can with confidence expect the worst.

[I had a hard time deciding what to title this post. Also considered

When Madmen Run Your Government: Please Don’t Let Them Lead You to WW III ]


  1. Afrofem · · Reply

    “Powerful Russia put impotent Britain on notice: “Any threat to take ‘punitive’ measures against Russia will meet with a response. The British side should be aware of that.”

    The Brits should give up and turn it loose. This is 2018, not 1918. They have nukes, but not much else. They no longer rule the waves, the air or much soil.

    1. One thing about Putin. He doesnt bluff. NATO has encroached on Russia as far as they can. And Putin has finally drawn a line in the sand. I maynot know much but I know you dont back a bear into a corner like these American fools have done. Obama. Clinton. Trump. Fools. Psychopathic genocidal fools.

  2. Afrofem · · Reply

    “Fools. Psychopathic genocidal fools.”


    Ordinary people will pay the price for their folly. Terrifying.

    1. I didnt even know David Icke has been saying this for decades. great minds think alike.

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