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Looks like it’s chemtrail season again. Not that they ever really stop spraying. It’s just that most of the time, as far as I can tell, it’s light. But during the seasonal change, from warm to cold and visa versa, the chemtrailing is heavier. And they like to spray heavily ahead of storm fronts, like they did last week. You can almost predict dramatic changes in the weather by observing when there is a surge in chemtrail activity. Chemtrails a-bombin’, bad weather’s comin’. But not all the time. Sometimes they just want the sky full of aerosol plasma, for some other mysterious and nefarious reason. Today -this morning- the whole sky is crisscrossed with lingering “contrails”

Mike Decker 3/7/18 Over Wyoming. Lufthansa mixing up the chemicals for David Keith, Harvard and the Military Industrial Complex.

via Lufthansa Spraying BLACK CHEMICALS For Geoengineering Programs —


You might want to watch some of these videos before they are removed in the currently  raging YouTube purge. Or you could point your smart phone to the sky and make your own video. I guarantee if you look up, you will see chemtrails. You will catch them, the elite psychopaths,  in the very act of violating our bodies with nano fibers dumped in the atmosphere, contaminating our food and water with heavy metals, and committing total ecocide on  our planet. You can see all of that, just by looking up.

I have seen some of the black trails Mike Decker talks about in the above video. It was quite curious. A year or two ago I used to make a regular commute home just before sundown. As I neared home making that final westward turn I would often see a black “contrail” hanging in the sky in the far distance, not a particularly long one, but lingering, seemingly vertical from my vantage point. It resembled a long thin smokestack but it was much too high in the sky to be an actual smokestack. I saw it in the same place in the sky at the same time at least twice.

4:00 PM

What I have observed today is typical. Basically the procedure is heavy spray in the morning. The chemtrails are long fresh and crisp. When they don’t occupy the entire sky, they generally occur in the vicinity of the rising sun, as if to interpose themselves between the sun and the earth to reduce the rays hitting this metropolitan area. These morning trails subsequently spread throughout the afternoon into a wispy textured translucent film. They become what I call “cirrious” clouds: clouds formed by chemtrail residue. This aerosol plasma, laid down in the morning, spreading out in the afternoon, is replenished throughout the day by  periodic chemtrail flights. That is the typical pattern. This is a typical chemtrail day.

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