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The Rogue CIA, Deep State and Shadow Government: Who are they? — Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond

The Timeline of Evil by Anonymous Patriots https://youtu.be/hyApkynqr_Y There is a search function on the site so that you can look up the indictable evidence needed to prosecute your favorite D.C. swamp monster! The Deep State Shadow Government The American … Continue reading → via The Rogue CIA, Deep State and Shadow Government: Who are they? […]

Good Negro, Bad Negro

Good Panther, Bad Panther Paul Street   “They are often the kinds of kids that are called superpredators — no conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first, we have to bring them to heel.” — Hillary Clinton, 1996 The latest Marvel Comics science-fiction movie “Black Panther” is […]

QOTD: When bad things happen to white people

The white students who survived the massacre are rightly speaking out about their experience and attempting to break the institutional support for killing sprees. But black protest against hyper policing and its inevitable death toll is dismissed. So is anyone who opposes U.S. military violence or that of its allies which take place in any […]

Black Panther as neo-Tarzanism — The Most Revolutionary Act

Originally posted on Journal of People: by Biko Agozino Pambazuka News | February 23, 2018 Hollywood expects everyone to cheer whenever African characters are starred as superheroes even if the roles assigned to them include the mass murder of fellow Africans while subtly promoting the interests of colonisers. Hollywood films should always come with a […]