Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery

Instead of crying “racism” we should be asking “why?” What kind of deception has been perpetrated upon the American people and by whom?


Harold Saive thinks that this means that Obama’s post-presidential status could possibly be that of a foreign agent. I don’t think so. Obama is certainly not working on behalf of his alleged home country of Kenya. And though his education was partially financed by Saudi Arabia I don’t think he is an agent of that country either. He is an agent of shadowy forces within the USA. The falsification of his birth certificate may indeed be for the purpose of hiding his place of birth but it is also about hiding his connection to the secret forces that engineered his election. Once again, I turn to Princeray to shine a light behind the scene.

Josef Mengele and the birth of Barack Obama

Deciphering the greatest psychological operation in US history, the origin and apotheosis of Barack Hussein Obama, In Search of Black Assassins sheds an enormous amount of light on the subject.

Out of everyone in the world, SS Dr. Josef Mengele and the underground SS Knights of the Black Sun had been the most secretive, treacherous and satanic forces … that would have conceived such a diabolical plan. Dr. Mengele disappeared during the time of conception and birth of Obama II. During that time, Dr. Mengele was secretly deeply involved in clandestine artificial insemination in human beings. When Obama II and Stanley Ann returned to Hawaii in 1962, Dr. Mengele was exposed by Argentine historian Jorge Camarasa[,] artificially creating the master race of blond haired, blue eyed Aryans in twins by the dozens in Candido Godoi, Paraguay.

Don’t forget pursuant to the SS SCIENTIFIC SATANIC PRINCIPLE of the DIVINE  POWER of  OPPOSITIES that if they had the power to create the MASTER RACE in duality they had [the] power to create the SUBSERVIENT.


They had the money, technology, resources, clandestine support, international networks and motive to put a covert Diabolical Black Human Cyborg in the Whitehouse to continue the 1000 Year THIRD REICH and its Satanic Principle of Aryan Planet Domination and the Annihilation of People of Color. An African-American Brother? You never seen anything like him. KEEP DREAMING THAT THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL IS A WORK OF PURE SCIENCE FICTION- AND THAT FAT MEAT ISN’T GREASY!

Read the whole thing: barack-hussein-obamba-ii-the-boy-from-brazil-part-1



  1. Read my article: https://wp.me/p2FjTj-8JA

    It’s already been ruled that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. It’s not possible to know that Obama is NOT currently working for, or on behalf of a foreign entity without a formal investigation. After all, the Uranium-1 issue is under investigation for complicity with Russia.

    I agree with your comment that Obama “is an agent of shadowy forces within the USA”. But those shadowy forces in the case of Uranium-1 are working for the financial and military interests of Russia. If Obama is currently involved in obstruction of justice on this issue, he can be said to be working for the interests of a foreign entity. But it doesn’t stop there.

    Many legal issues against Obama can be pursued when his true citizenship status is revealed with a DOJ investigation. Use your imagination.

    1. good point. will read article. but i have no imagination.

    2. appears i read that already.. the one country he is definitely not working for is russia. everything he has done as president has been antirussian including expelling russian diplomats and marching us to the brink of war with russia. i dont know the details of uranium1, but its probably a collateral byproduct of his and hillarys criminality, not russian agency. but if it takes a charge of foreign agency for a doj investigation, im all for it.

    3. if he is an agent of a foreign country the likeliest candidate is israel. he launched several wars against israels enemies.

      if we are going to investigate gov officials on the charge of being agents of israel we would have to investigate virtually every member of congress. we are, for all intents and purposes the united states of israel.

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