Daily Archives: February 8, 2018

White House Petition to Ban Funding for Heavy Metals used in Weather Modification

FacebookTwitterGoogle+EmailShare Ban all funding for Aluminum, Barium, and Arsenic for use in atmospheric modification for any purpose. Immediately cease all funding, and ban any future expenditures for the purchase of Aluminum, Barium, (Barium Titanate) , and Arsenic in any form including powder for use in any form of atmospheric manipulation. This is to include any, […]


The innocent Dylann Roof, used in a ‘false flag’ op. DYLANN ROOF PSYOP. The alt-right aims to mind-control harmless White Christian boys and turn them into Nazi killers.Henry Kissinger is one of the brains behind Operation Gladio and the Strategy of Tension, both of which are designed to create fear, thus keeping the rich elite […]

The Rap Music Conspiracy

Apparently I reposted  this on another of my blogs from http://wariscrime.com/new/?s=rap+music on May 15, 2012. Now gone from that site. It’s an important article for my suspicion that the Neo-Black is a socially engineered construct of the Deep State which I think (the Neo-Black) has its roots in rap music. This post describes how gangster […]