Black History Month Biographies

Famous black and African-American figures from the past and present


Here are biographies for some of the many historical and modern people celebrated during Black History Month. To learn more about any of these amazing people, just click a name.
Movers and Shakers
Figures in Science and Technology
People in the News

(Enjoying this list so far? Visit our list of Women’s History Month Biographies, too!)

Religious Figures

Have a good idea for an addition to this list? Please send it to Thanks!


Now see, this is why I like Undernews. In spite of the fact that this guy wants to do away with the term “white privilege”. White people really don’t like that term. [Ed]



  1. Katherine Johnson · · Reply

    Interesting list.

    Top of the list :Malcolm X,Steve Biko,Thomas Sankara,Patrice Lumumba,Robert Sobukwe, Marcus Garvey, CYNTHIA MCKINNEY in no particular order.

    I would add Harold Cruze:writer .
    Zora Neale Thurston:writer.
    Angela Davis :freedom fighter .

    Dr Tony Martin : Caribbean-born historian (one of my favourite people and personal hero ).

    Usain Bolt :fastest man .
    Flo Jo: :fastest woman.

    Miles Davis
    Ali Fake Taure
    B.B. King
    Among my favourites . Grew up listening to giants like Petersen and Gillespie. Glad to see Robert Johnson in the list .
    Tutu and Mandela,men of previously very high moral standards and integrity but then royally sold their people out to the subverters of the f anti-apartheid struggle. White people love them so much .

    Haile Gerima: Ethiopian film-maker.
    Andile Mngxitama:South African Black Consciousness activist.

    Louis Farrakan :thorn in the side of Jewish supremacy.
    Is Assata Shakur on the list ?

    1. Well, I have to give the list a WTF? No artists? No HO Tanner? No Bearden? No Jacob Lawrence?
      I should go tell them so.

    2. why so many obamas? one would do. farrakan should be on the list. dick gregory. bill cosby. oj simpson. richard pryor. coltrane and bird.

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