Obama ushers in the Neo-Black era

So, writing everyday is going to be difficult. I’m not ashamed to modify my New Year’s Resolution (what choice do I have?). I’ll work my way up to that daily thing. The weekend. Once a week for now, because I’m going to keep arriving at the end of the week and realizing that I haven’t written everyday. And I’ll write on the weekend to make up for it; until I work my way up to it.

At any rate,  welcome to Neo-Black History Month! This year highlighting mulattoes. Mulattoes are an important part of black history and yet much of their history is hidden.

I have studied a bit of that history. As I said in an earlier post I have as yet only been able to follow that history up to the Harlem Renaissance when an intermediate socio-racial class, primarily mulattoes, many of them already free prior to the Civil War, merged with fairly recently liberated slaves to become a single people, a demographic now known as African-American. Some vestiges of the earlier two class dynamics, based on skin color, still remain in the 21st century, especially in leadership and the entertainment industry. So here I go, examining some of these vestiges. Thus begins the continuation of my study of the history of the mulatto.

Mulattoes have gained a new prominence in the era of the Neo-Black, roughly contemporary with the election of a half black president who surrounded himself with light skinned black colleagues. These light skinned Negroes may not have been “biracial” themselves, as in having a white parent, but they were descendants, visibly and ideologically, of the elite mulatto class of yore.  Obama’s, to a large extent, was a mulatto administration.

Mulattoes at the helm of empire

Loretta Lynch: Is her skin light enough for the Obama administration?


“Get me a brown paper bag.”

Eric Holder official portrait.jpgEric Holder

Valerie Jarrett

Susan Rice

Jeh Johnson

Not many brown skinned, to say nothing of dark skinned blacks, at the top of that administration. I think Loretta Lynch barely made the cut. The vestiges of the seminal mulatto elite lingers on and even, as can be seen here, resurges in the Neo-Black era ushered in by the election of Barack Obama.



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