Irish slave myth — Abagond

A very informative  post from Abagond. Caution warranted though. Author has been known to lie. I certainly have heard this claim. I never knew what to make of it until now.

The Irish slave myth (2000- ) claims that in the 1600s the British got slaves from Ireland as well as Africa. African Americans therefore need to stop complaining about racism and pull themselves up by their bootstraps just like Irish Americans did. This claim is even supported by photographs. The claim is false: Just as photography […]

via Irish slave myth — Abagond


  1. Yes nomad, big caution needed indeed. Abagond has been known to lie A LOT!

    But I find it laughable that abagond takes two sides to the bootstrap myth. Several years ago he condemned it, telling us it “comes from a racist mindset”, which I agree. Then he co-signed his buddy Kiwi’s post in support of the bootstrap myth, which I thoroughly refuted with Census data. Now there’s this article.

    This goes to show just how deceptive and misleading that lying scumbag really is.

    1. Yep. I was reluctant to post this but it was new to me. But slavery deniers keep showing up here at my blog spouting this shit so I needed a reference of refutation. I wish I had seen v8’s link before I posted it.

    2. Abagond just banned Katherine Johnson claiming she was a Taotesan sockpuppet. I dont now how he determined that. The writing styles are different. And it makes no sense. Why would Taotesan need a sock puppet? Why would she use one here? Or there?

  2. Nomad, the writing styles of Taotesan and Ms. Johnson are extremely similar. As soon as I saw the latter’s comments, I noticed the clunky, run-on sentences AND the anti-Semitic talking points. I sent Abagond an email heads-up. He checked the IP addresses. I was also, according to him, not the only person to raise concerns; at least one other commenter did. So Abagond had at least two separate people telling him the same thing, and the IP addresses checked out.

    Look here, for example. Decrying the predominance of Christianity among African-Americans, and their views of Africa, was something Taotesan also did.

    And here. Taotesan was also a big fan of Dr. Tony Martin, who peddled one of her favorite Nazi anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, concerning the slave trade:

    The sock puppetry is indisputable.

    (Just so nobody can accuse me of the same thing: I am Scribh. I changed my handle, for what was left of my Internet presence, back in October, to show my support for the Catalan independence movement.)

    1. thanks. i was certainly not going to believe that lying asshole abagond

      unfortunately i am unable to find out how to check ip addresses. so there is doubt. i dont trust abagond.

      1. Catalans Are Free · ·

        Well, I don’t share your judgment of Abagond, but as a former blogger I can give you a quick tip on checking IP. Since you’re the blog admin, you should be able to click on comments and see the email and IP address of the sender. That would also be the function that allows you to edit or delete others’ comments. The smoking gun identifying Katherine Johnson as Taotesan would be there. Hope that helps!

      2. thanks. ill try that. i guess the reason u dont share my judgement of that asshole is maybe he didnt lie about u.

      3. ok. i see a string of punctuated digits at the bottom of the address box. is that the ip address? if so its not the same at all.

      4. the mystery deepens. im getting pretty sure that that is the ip address. since they are different, by what means did abagond determine k johnson was taotesans sock puppet?

  3. Catalans Are Free · · Reply

    Yes, those punctuated digits are the IP. It’s important to note that while two sock puppet accounts might not have the exact same IPs, they might emanate from similar locations. To find this out, you can search the addresses of Ms. Johnson and Taotesan in an IP lookup website – just Google “IP lookup” and you’ll find several such services. One of those sites will probably tell you where the IP is located. If Katherine Johnson’s is from Cape Town, South Africa, or its vicinity, then she is in deep trouble.

    1. Thanks. That is very interesting. I do like when people teach me stuff. Even Abagond. Lots of info. Of course you have to sift thru the lies like panning for gold. I learned a lot from his blog and continue to, which is why I follow the discussions there. I learn at least as much from his commenters. This will be useful. But I wont be using it now. Taotesan visits here often so I know she is aware of this discussion. If she doesnt deny it I will assume that it is true. If this is true I’m sure she had her reasons Fortunately, I have no policy against sockpuppetry so she is welcome to comment here under any name she chooses.

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Abagond became my enemy when he lied about me. All refugees from his blog are welcome here.

    2. The mystery deepens. I assumed that Abagond did the kind of lookup you suggest and found a location match. This is not what he says.
      @ sharinar

      Two people emailed me pointing out that her writing style was the same. When I checked the IP address it confirmed their suspicions. Also she is active at Nomad’s blog just like taotesan was.

      What I found was the IP addresses do not match. So what does Abagond mean by

      When I checked the IP address it confirmed their suspicions.

      Remember, he is capable of some very audacious lying. So I dont take anything he says at face value. Maybe the location of the IPs match but he does not say this specifically. His statement is ambiguous and I do not trust it.

  4. Katherine Johnson · · Reply

    All right then, inadvertent sock puppetry is an cardinal sin,let’s look at the development arising from a result of my Ludditeness,foolish whimsy-when I could have just used my old handle . Truth I could not remember my old word press pass word when I got a new device and I have indeed changed my service provider. was going to mention tell you not sure why ,

    Any way ,now that we now have corroboration that abagond is a DISORFORMATION BLOG FOR BLACK PEOPLE ,than him being in contact with a criminal racist who he has had to eventually ban/sacrifice “to keep a facade of of who knows what. Note the same person abagond did not even read my e mail when i informed him of mirkwood’s sexually depraved criminal comment towards me. In fact he had allowed the same person to abuse more than one Black commenter. If that does not say some thing.

    He still has not not answereted any questions or willing to talk about Cynthia Mckinney, the true events of 9-11, or THE ARCHITECTS OF TRANSATLANTIC SLAVERY according African American historians who have been terrorized by JEWISH SUPREMACY.

    I can further expand on the minutia regarding my email address/isp if need be. I only have one.

    If any of the Black commenters or anyone interested in the truth who still reads that disinfo site please challenge him? on 9-11 and the origins of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. And be attentive to his response/evasion.

    1. thanks. i will, god willing, be discussing him as a part of the neo-black movement. trying to pull together some thoughts.
      neo-black = black servants of empire.

    2. i loved that post you did at abagonds as claire. it must have been your first. tell me, did abagond accuse you of soc puppetry when you switched to taotesan?

  5. Katherine Johnson · · Reply

    Can’t remember it ,Nomad. Glad you did. I dare say it seems ante-deluvian before waking up to who controls our world . I still believed in my mother’s philosophy of trying to see the good in each and every person then .
    I see that her advice was wrong.

    My views have changed quite radically since then.
    Beining an invisible helps continue taking a sharp look at the manipulators and liars ,probably why I like your blog so much .

    He did not have a pretext to ban then me because my view s were not threatening and I was harmless,since I had not learnt about the true events of world war two and who the architects of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade were. ,although he got his white racist henchman to bully me.
    (Notice how over the breath of his entire body of work over the years he has sidelined commenters that went directly against his dissemination of false racial ideology:Blacks are racist . -Kwamla, Matari ,Fan,and myself and the banning and running of Black commenters who challenge him like you and resw did. Observe his racist endorsement of Kiwi’s racist animus towards Blacks.)

    My lazy staccato steam of consciousness writing in blogs probably needs a lot of polishing . But sometimes I move out of different languages – Nama,Afrikaans , Xhosa and regional Cape Town and Johannesburg patois of Kitchen English and Afrikaans with idiomatic slang from Durban Indian English with some Irish Cockney slang and tsotsi taal. Don’t worry if you did get that. .

    1. cant remember which post it was on. i actually copied it and i thought i saved it but apparently not. i cant find it. but it was similar to some of the things you said here about your experience as a south african ‘coloured’.

  6. Katherine Johnson · · Reply

    Funny that abagonds favourite racist would still be going after me . Whatever does he mean that I am in trouble ? Trace my address?Hack my computer? Compromise my livelihood, my life? Mirkwood and abagond work wonderfully as accomplices. Havent they done enough already?
    Unfortunately,one still sees his faithful Black readers lapping up his propaganda.

    The other two: the only other two that comes to mind is Afrofem and Solitaire .
    Not content to debate or criticise my questions ,no,he uses his white henchman to harass me.

    Come to think of it,both of them are very good at insulting and lying .

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