Daily Archives: January 31, 2018

QOTD: Resist them all

It is time to say no to the entire rotten structure. Americans accept armed police, mass incarceration and a plethora of corporations with the ability to violate our privacy and our rights. The police state is a danger to everyone’s life and it must be eliminated. That must be the demand. That is the only […]

Irish slave myth — Abagond

A very informative  post from Abagond. Caution warranted though. Author has been known to lie. I certainly have heard this claim. I never knew what to make of it until now. The Irish slave myth (2000- ) claims that in the 1600s the British got slaves from Ireland as well as Africa. African Americans therefore […]

The history of black divas: A brief survey by Ebonee Davis

Ebonee Davis As 8 Legendary Black Fashion Icons Model and activist Ebonee Davis models iconic looks from Iman, Diana Ross, Marsha Hunt, and more. By Lindsay Peoples Photos by Ricardo Rivera [May 31, 2017] As Nina Simone 1967 Lulu Frost Pearl Hairpins, $125 each, at Lulu Frost. Oscar de La Renta Earrings, $325 at Oscar […]