Movie/TV roles for black women

Julie “Cindy Lou Who” Delpy Says Hollywood is Easier on Black People than Women

To be exact, she said “Two years ago, I said something about the Academy being very white male, which is the reality, and I was slashed to pieces by the media. It’s funny — women can’t talk. I sometimes wish I were African American because people don’t bash them afterward.”

In a statement that shows nothing other than how privileged she is to be white, actress Julie Delpy, star of “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”, revealed at the Sundance Film Festival that the toughest gig in Hollywood is being female.


Julie Delpy needs to try being a BLACK woman, who doesn’t get “bashed afterward”. Clue: #aintgonnahappen . She’ll get bashed before AND after.

Not only will she be the invisible chick in the room based on her gender, but they will kick that game up a notch or two and tell her she will get a call from them when they need a hooker, a drug addict, a drunk, a singular court jester, a “singing basketball wife wannabe,” a “Mama” going around screaming about white Jesus and throwing Bibles and misquoted misinterpreted scriptures all over the place, or a loud-mouthed brazen bushy sapphire who lusts after white men and knocks people over every time she walks into a room.

Without that, as a Black woman, she’s got LESS than a two-percent chance of getting a FEMALE role in Hollywood, let alone a role that is open to a Black female at all – including a non-stereotyped role on THE AVENGERS. HOLLYWOOD might “bimbo” little Jules into a role, but she’ll still get a role as a real woman with feelings and history and family and a story and a sympathetic or empathetic HUMANE “Everywoman”.

As a Black woman, she will only get a call when they need some color in the room to prove they’re NOT RACIST, or whenever they have a stereotypical role with a sidekick pimp or hustler named Jerome, Tyrone, or DARNELL, or maybe a “Marcus” or Marquise-type, no disrespect on the names, but Hollywood seems to think all Black people live in the ghetto ‘hood and can identify with street hustlers. #MyBlackExperienceAintYourBlackExperience

And even when ‘CindyLouWho’ gets the “Bimbo” role, she will still make two to three times more money than a “Mama I Wanna Sing”-Black female will get, even if “Mama I wanna sing” is an A-List Black box-office draw, with a role as “Shaquishqusha” or “Shanaybaybay” or “Nauquayanna Shakishitta,” or some other typical stereotype bullshit name like that.

Hollywood gets nearly ALL of its Black characters from the ‘hood and/or with their high-falutin’ noses stuck so far in the air that they can’t even be identified as human, let alone a person with a real-life story — and there is nearly NOTHING between those two extremes. Last time we had one -a Black female role model, that is- they called them either “Julia” or “Lt. Uhura.” Oh, and “Rene Jackson, Esq.” from Any Day Now, that’s about it. #KidDyNoMiteSyndrome

You right, we DO need to write our own stories; and we need to have our own BLACK SEPARATIST Hollywood — and it is more than possible nowadays, but most Black folks would also have to upgrade their mentality and get a sense of savoire faire and style in order to wash and drown out that “Team Hollywood Black-erish” drivel and nonsense out of their minds. It’s been too long and far too many of us have become accustomed to the Stick-on Stupid that is a Black person on the silver screen.


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