Daily Archives: December 30, 2017

Third world America

Originally posted on Nwo Report: Los Angeles has been officially designated a ‘third world country’ status according to a public audit of the crumbling city. Rubbish bags piling up on the pavements, tents erected in clusters where people have camped down for the night, and hundreds of homeless people wondering the streets – this is… via […]

Oh, give it a rest

Daily Kos is really Deep State , isn’t it? I’m not for Trump but I am definitely against illegal take overs of our government. Oh, we could only hope that 2018 ends up like this. Have a Happy New Year! via Cartoon: I wish us a Happy 2018 — Comics

The real “Axis of Evil”

By former CIA officer Philip Giraldi. Originally published by the Strategic Culture Foundation The reality is that terrorism, defined by the United Nations as “criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public,” is most employed at the state level by the United States and its allies Israel and […]