Daily Archives: December 13, 2017

When black things happen to white people

Freedom Rider: When Police Kill White People by Margaret Kimberley […] The police killing spree and the impunity that goes with it continues unabated. The jurors in the Shaver case were surely able to see that his shooting was not just unjustified. It was a cold blooded murder. They sided squarely with the police even […]

QOTD: Due to the Internet the propaganda machine is breaking down

Things are not going as planned for America’s true rulers. Not in Syria, not in North Korea, and certainly not in Russia. People’s unprecedented ability to network and share information due to rising internet literacy and access has caused a severe breakdown in the propaganda machine which holds their entire prison together, and people are […]

Scientology head linked to Russians — Undernews

Radar – Scientology revered founder has been unmasked as an FBI informant — and a double agent for the Russians. That’s the bombshell revelation contained in FBI documents obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com that expose the cult’s leader, L. Ron Hubbard, as an underhanded KGB spy.One document reports Hubbard allegedly adopted the dreaded Soviet terror tactics… via […]

9/11 Cover-up: FBI asks two courts to block further disclosures — Political Film Blog

by Jerk Giambrone Saying it has released every scrap of information it can about a Sarasota terrorism investigation it once hid from both Congress and the 9/11 Commission, the FBI went to court twice in the last two weeks to block any further disclosures… FBI asks two courts to block further disclosures about its 9/11 […]