Why has Time magazine endorsed the #MeToo “revolution”? — World Socialist Web Site (en)

Given the ongoing frenzy, the magazine’s decision was entirely predictable. Had its editors made any other choice there would have been a media-organized uproar.

…Time has simply confirmed the fact that the #MeToo movement has the official backing of important portions of the American ruling elite.

The cover of Time magazine

In the feature article announcing the magazine’s decision, authors Stephanie Zacharek, Eliana Dockterman and Haley Sweetland refer three times to the current campaign over sexual harassment and assault as a “revolution.” But what sort of “revolution” receives the benediction of Time, one of the leading mouthpieces of the American establishment for more than 90 years?

The weekly news magazine has been an ardent defender of US imperialist interests for the entirety of its existence. Henry Luce, Time’s founder and longtime owner, and eventually one of the wealthiest men in America, was particularly close to the Central Intelligence Agency. He was a “good friend” of Allen Dulles—the agency’s director from 1953 to 1961—and “readily allowed certain members of his staff to work for the Agency and agreed to provide jobs and credentials for other CIA operatives who lacked journalistic experience” (Carl Bernstein, “The CIA and the Media,” Rolling Stone, 1977). There is no reason to believe that Time’s friendly relationship with the US government’s “Murder Inc.” has ended.

Why has this thoroughly compromised publication decided to honor “The Silence Breakers”?

As far as some of the more politically sensitive sections of the American ruling class are concerned, the current sexual misconduct scandals have two principal benefits. First, the purge of prominent figures in Hollywood, Washington and elsewhere on the mere say-so of accusers is another step on the road to authoritarian rule and the destruction of elementary democratic rights. Justified for nearly 20 years by the “war on terror” and other “national security” concerns, the assault on constitutionally guaranteed rights is far advanced. Individuals have been detained and tortured, drone missiles launched, “kill lists” drawn up, wars organized, and entire countries devastated without legal authorization and behind the backs of the American population.

The “gender cleansing” taking place, in which familiar and even popular personalities disappear (literally) overnight, McCarthyite-style, without having the right to defend themselves, often on the basis of anonymous accusations, has to be seen in this anti-democratic framework. One of the aims of the new repression is to create a climate of fear and intimidation. “Sexual predators”—and even “serial daters”!—may be the target at the moment, but in the longer term, the authorities have political dissidents and left-wing opponents of the status quo in their sights.

Furthermore, the sexual witch-hunt, with its message that every woman is in the “same boat” against apparently universal male wrongdoing, is directed at muddying popular consciousness, strengthening the hold of identity politics, and diffusing and dissipating anger against economic disparities and social inequality. It is intended to divert attention from the almost unimaginable concentration of wealth in a few hands and legitimize a type of exclusivist, gender-based mobilization of females across class lines against the “patriarchy.”

via Why has Time magazine endorsed the #MeToo “revolution”? — World Socialist Web Site (en)



  1. my guess is the object of this cognitive manipulation is trump. its growing clearer that the deep state cant topple him with russiagate, so they are trying to remove him with this #metoo psyop.

  2. pcr agrees with me

    CNN Mounts New Attack On President Trump

    Now that CNN’s fake news story of Russiagate has collapsed, this morning CNN is demanding Trump’s resignation as President on the basis of sexual harassment charges. The charges are suspect. Billionaires do not need to sexually harass women. Women are abundantly available to them.

    Mud-slinging is all American politics is about. How about a hearing for real issues, such as war, collapsing middle class, environmental destruction? Why does CNN want to get rid of a president who wants to reduce the chance of nuclear war by normalizing relations with Russia and who wants to bring offshored jobs back to Americans?

    In whose pay is CNN? Why does CNN harass Americans with fake news?

    The post CNN Mounts New Attack On President Trump appeared first on PaulCraigRoberts.org.

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