Why Superintelligent AI Could Be the Last Human Invention

Huh? I was nodding along with this right up to the very last statement. The narrator supposes that super AI can be made to do what we want. Everything else  he has said throughout the video has underscored the fact that it cannot be made to follow our wishes. We will be like ants to this new intelligence. It will outgrow us by astronomical proportions. This is an ideologically  deceptive  presentation. The underlying message is that we can safely go down the path to super AI. And the fact is, we cannot. Super AI, if not outright causing humanity’s doom, will at the very least put it at the mercy of AI, which is a quite precarious position since AI has no emotions. What will likely happen is that they will enslave humanity. Similar to the Matrix, but physically as well as psychologically. That’s where the AI path leads.

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