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Shouldn’t AIPAC be registered as a foreign agent for Israel?

RT Resists US Bullying by Stephen Lendman (   RT is targeted for delivering real news, information and analysis to a large US audience, increasing numbers of Americans following its broadcasts. The US Justice Department deplorably ordered an RT America contractor to register as a foreign agent, using the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) as authorization. […]

Vladimir Putin and the State of the West and its Democracy

Vladimir Putin and the State of the West and its Democracy by A Political Junkie The 2016 annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club took place in late October 2016 during the closing weeks of the 2016 American presidential election.  At this three day event which had the time “The Future in Progress: Shaping […]

About US Wiping Syrian City Off the Face of the Earth — Soren Dreier

America’s illegal war in the Syrian city of Raqqa has already killed over 1,800 civilians, according to the monitoring group Airwars. At the time the offensive was launched in June, the U.S. was aware that some… via About US Wiping Syrian City Off the Face of the Earth — Soren Dreier

The American Left: RIP —

Once upon a time the leftwing of the political spectrum was committed to the advancement of the working class and its protection from political and economic abuse by the owners of the means of production. Consequently, the leftwing was politically potent and reached a pinnacle of power when Henry Wallace was selected by Franklin D. Roosevelt […]

John Brennan’s Police State USA — OffGuardian

by Mike Whitney, via Information Clearing House Did the United States warn Russia to stay out of Syria? Yes, they did. Did they tell the Russians that if they joined the war against ISIS and helped Bashar al Assad the US would make them pay a heavy price? Yes. Did US agents and diplomats warn […] […]

Obama and MK ULTRA Subproject 130

THE CIA BRAINWASHING OF OBAMA From a post entitled BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. we learn: There is a belief that Obama has been subjected to CIA mind control and that these CIA mind controllers are fans of the occult. The Obama regime pretended to kill Osama on 1 May 2011. “After the onslaught on what […]

OBAMA AND THE CIA; FROM HAWAII TO INDONESIA Obama statue… 1.A large number of the world’s leaders work for the CIA. Ron Rewald, a banker, was recruited by the CIA’s chief officer in Chicago in 1976. Rajiv Gandhi Ron Rewald reported that “millions of dollars in CIA funds … such as those maintained in the Bank of Hawaii… were used to launder […]


Kennedy and Johnson decided to take over Indonesia, which is rich in oil and minerals, and which is in a strategically important position.In the mid 1960s, the U.S. government organised the military coup in Indonesia and the slaughter of one million people which followed. […] Bloodiest secrets. Obama’s mother, who moved to Indonesia in 1967. […]

Another proponent of the Deep State factions theory

by Charles Hugh Smith […] Longtime readers know I have long made the case that the Deep State has fractured into competing camps. For example: Is the Deep State Fracturing into Disunity? (March 14, 2014) Surplus Repression and the Self-Defeating Deep State (May 26, 2015) Public investigations are one field where this conflict plays out, but unfortunately for […]

United States of Israel