Yes, Virginia, there is white privilege

Banned from Jerk Giambrone’s blog, I responded to his claim that white privilege is a fiction at his latest post at Washington’s Blog. Completely off topic. But that’s what I like about Washington’s Blog comment threads. Anything (almost) goes. You can say whatever the hell you want; without being censored. As a man who has to endure racial discrimination on a daily basis, sometimes impacting me greatly, this ignorant statement [there is no white privilege] really pissed me off.

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    America’s Willful Negligence Concerning the 9/11 Attacks

    Americans are in denial about 9/11.
    Their denial of it is almost as great as their denial of white privilege.
    Even when you show them the truth they reject it.

    As Eric Zeusse says:
    ‘People ignore facts that contradict their false beliefs… [It’s] what social scientists call “confirmation bias”’

    Oh well. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t change a beggar in the middle of a stream.


for example, white privilege deniers don’t know this; or if they do they willfully neglect it.

“The USA was one of the the last “democracies” to (allegedly) abandon
slavery, and it took the lives of almost 700,000, mostly poor
working-class young men, to do it. I say “allegedly,” because if anyone
thinks slavery has been abolished in the USA, I suggest you watch “13th,”
a most enlightening Netflix documentary on how the 13th Amendment to
the US constitution just transferred slavery to the prison systems.”…

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    If white supremacy exists in “Amerika” then, it’s axiomatic. White privilege exists. It is not a “fiction”.

    “Takiyah Thompson and other defendants await trial on felony charges, in
    Durham, North Carolina, for tearing down the statue of a Confederate
    soldier. The 22 year-old student and Workers World party activist had
    this to say about the county sheriff that arrested the protesters:
    “Policing is a white supremacist institution.””

    “BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley said it’s “silly” to
    debate whether Donald Trump is a white supremacist, or not. “Yes, Trump
    is racist,” said Kimberley, “but 60 million people voted for him.”
    Racism pays political dividends in the U.S. “We should spend our time
    talking about obvious evidence of white supremacy in the entire system,”
    she said.”


    But of course…

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t change a beggar in the middle of a stream.

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    “Three black detectives in the New York Police Department‘s
    intelligence division filed a federal lawsuit against the department on
    Monday, saying they were denied promotions because of their race and
    that lesser-qualified white officers were promoted instead.
    The detectives joined the unit, which is responsible for investigating terrorism
    and other crimes, in 2001. They said they had track records of solid
    investigative work, recommendations from their superiors and stellar
    performance reviews. They said they were passed over for promotions,
    while supervisors elevated white, less-experienced detectives who
    performed worse.”

    The ability to be promoted ahead of more qualified blacks. That’s white privilege.

    But of course…

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t change a beggar in the middle of a stream.


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    “This is a class society; it always has been. This reactionary class
    society places its limitations on individuals, not just in terms of
    occupation, but also regarding self expression, being mobile, and being
    free to be creative and do anything they want to do . . . In America, we
    have not only a class society, we also have a caste system, and Black
    people are fitted into the lowest caste.” -Huey Newton

    The fact that white people are not in that caste means that they are privileged. But…

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t change a beggar in the middle of a stream.

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    here’s another white privilege. to not be assaulted or killed by the police because of your skin color.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t change a beggar in the middle of a stream.



    “There’s no such thing as white privilege.” That’s about the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.…


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  1. Jerk Giambrone continues to display his racial insensitivity. Here he characterizes Glen Ford’s take down of Morgan Freeman in terms used to describe black crime. Thus he alludes to the common stereotype that reduces all blacks to criminals. His latent racism is showing.*

    Some black on black smackdown.

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