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Hurricane Maria, Weather Warfare, And Military Bases ( Dane Wigington GeoengineeringWatch.org )

QOTD: Morgan Freeman is a sellout to the struggle for black emancipation

“For 241 years, our democracy has been a shining example of what we can all aspire to” -Morgan Freeman “To me, this is the most dangerous and irresponsible lie of the entire [Rob Reiner’s anti-Russia] video and I don’t know how a black man can even utter those words without vomiting, because they make [m]e […]

Why Is Weed Getting More Potent? — Soren Dreier

The feds began monitoring the potency of the nation’s pot supply in the ‘70s by drawing samples from stashes seized by law enforcement, and boy was it schwag. The percentage… via Why Is Weed Getting More Potent? — Soren Dreier