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Russia and China are working hand-in-hand with Washington toward their own demise

Behold a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Death Paul Craig Roberts Two of America’s most populous states, Texas and Florida, are in hurricane ruins, and Washington is fomenting more wars. The US national debt is now over $20 trillion, and Washington is fomenting more wars. The entire world is helping Washington foment wars—including two… via […]

Shock Report: More Americans Killed by Police Since 9/11 than Soldiers Killed in War — Counter Current News

Source: The Free Thought Project By: Matt Agorist In a Memorial Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford praised the 40 million Americans who’ve served in the military since the revolutionary war. He also noted that 5,000 soldiers have been tragically killed […]

rogue’s gallery

The day will live in infamy, the attacks planned well in advance. Bin Laden and so-called “crazed Arabs” had nothing to do with destroying the twin towers and striking the Pentagon. The Big Lie persists. Most Americans no longer believe the the 9/11 whitewash commission’s official account of what happened. via The Disturbing Aftermath of 9/11 […]