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 by http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2017/09/who-runs-deep-state.html Nat Rothschild, who dated Ivanka Trump, has been linked to the Deep State. 48% of Americans believing in the existence of the Deep State, according to an April 2017 ABC/Washington Post poll.Nearly half of Americans think there’s a ‘deep state’. Mossad’s Efraim Halevy in Florida 1972. Haley was boss of Mossad on 9 11. The […]

The Dick Gregory I knew — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

The Dick Gregory I knew By Jon Rappoport I could start a conversation with Dick Gregory, and before I knew it, it would be going in six directions at once. He wasn’t just riding one wave. He was swimming in all the oceans at the same time. He was moving on his own time clock. […] […]