Casting the campaign for removing Confederate Statues as an attempt to rewrite history +Update

Paul Craig Roberts continues the hysteria. His latest posting declares:

Liberal/progressive/left neo-nazis now ban the historic movie “Gone With The Wind”

The theater remained rather vague about the number of people who disagreed with the showing of the film, saying only they had “numerous comments” from viewers.
Roberts only assumes that the complainants were “Liberal/progressive/left neo-nazis”.
They could have been anyone, from uneducated people unfamiliar with the importance of the movie to agents provocateurs attempting to do what Roberts is doing, casting the campaign against Confederate statues as an attempt to rewrite history. It simply does not follow. One can remove statues of noxious historical figures without rewriting history. Otherwise Germany would still have monuments to Hitler. Iraq would have statues of Saddam Hussein. Roberts argument is false an disingenuous.

The Confederate icons cannot be equated with those of the “founding fathers” or Lincoln.

Yes, Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner, and this fact should be understood and not sanitized or considered a mere time-bound failing on his part (as it often is at the University of Virginia, for instance). But still, there is a difference between someone who said “all men are created equal” even if his actions suggested he didn’t mean it, and those who said (as did Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens) that white supremacy was the “cornerstone” of their new government. One provided us with a flawed yet visible exit from the national nightmare in which he himself was implicated. The others — including leaders in the states who issued declarations of causes for their secession, and in each case named the maintenance of slavery as their purpose — would have extended that nightmare in perpetuity, and without hesitation. Whether Jefferson intended it or not, he gave us a blueprint, however blood-spattered, for building a functioning democracy. Lee and his cohorts had no interest in such things, nor the vision even to imagine them. And that matters.

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