Daily Archives: August 29, 2017

Chemtrails all day long today +more low flying C-17’s +update

Moderately heavy chemtrails all day long today. Check out this one. It was a single line when I observed it being laid. Five minutes later the trails seem to be separating  into two or three streams, possibly indicating that the trail emerged from several points on the plane, presumably the engines. 7:00 PM. 7:45 PM. […]

of course we’re evil — how Google is killing the internet by stealth — Taking Sides

Originally posted on wall of controversy: “Something has happened with Google across the board that affects left-wing media in a big way,” said Scott LaMorte, a web developer for both Truthout and The Real News. “This is absolutely an aberration. It’s a three-year low for both Truthout and The Real News, and likely unprecedented in… via […]

Casting the campaign for removing Confederate Statues as an attempt to rewrite history +Update

Paul Craig Roberts continues the hysteria. His latest posting declares: Liberal/progressive/left neo-nazis now ban the historic movie “Gone With The Wind” The statement is an exaggeration. The movie has not been banned. One venue in a sleepy southern city opted not to show it for some obscure reason. The theater remained rather vague about the […]