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Lloyd Price and Sam Cooke

Yes, I loved songs about bulldogs and kittens and nursery rhymes. When I was a kid. It didn’t hurt that they were embellished with saxophone solos. Lloyd Price-Three Little Pigs-1959 Nursery rhymes and black folk heroes like Stagger Lee. This was my introduction. A counterpoint to the familiar and admirable John Henry character. Stagger Lee […]

FEVER: Little Willie John’s Fast Life, Mysterious Death, & The Birth Of Soul

Wow. I was searching YouTube for another of my favorite songs from my childhood. I just assumed it had been by an artist I was familiar with (I thought Clyde McPhatter), but no. It’s by an artist I have no memory of except by memory of a song that was very appealing to me as […]

Why is the media promoting Antifa? — World Socialist Web Site (en)

As part of its efforts to disorient popular opposition, the media has promoted the anti-Russia campaign, racialist politics and… anarchists involved in punch-ups with Nazi demonstrators. via Why is the media promoting Antifa? — World Socialist Web Site (en)