Gotta Be Funky +wedded to the saxophone +muscle memory

Monk Higgins – Gotta Be Funky

I keep forgetting where to find my favorite jam of all time. So I’m posting it here so I won’t forget. Gotta be plenty plenty funky. For me.

I am what you might call an amateur saxophonist. This was one of the first songs I learned to play. The short, first half, essentially the 45 version of the vinyl. I used to be able to play a reasonable facsimile of this song. Damn I was good! I tried playing it yesterday. I’ve forgotten the flat/natural  exchanges that yak up the song. I’ve been playing, I see now, recently in an entirely different (and simpler) set of progressions. Trying to play that old style was surprisingly disruptive to my ability to play in my current idiosyncratic style.  I’ve got to go back and examine all of those old songs that I learned to play at the beginning of my wedding to the saxophone. Not that the old style was necessarily better, but it would be cool to retrieve that  knowledge and combine it with what I have recently been doing.

Oh, BTW, what got me thinking along these lines was my Antifa/Tequila post. I have always loved the sound of the saxophone, from childhood. Tequila must have been one of the first songs I heard that made me feel that way.

Two minutes. Nothing more needed.

UPDATE: 8/27/17

Much better tonight, Muscle memory. It begins to come back to me.

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