What’s up with the C-17’s? +Why are they flying so low and circling the city?

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a chemwatch post. Thankfully there really has not been that much to report lately. This year the chemtrails have been relatively few. I cannot help but wonder if the election of Trump perhaps indirectly had something to do with that. I would be utterly shocked if he had any direct influence on the lessening of chemtrails I’ve noticed this year. Correlation is not causation and Trump is proving himself to be a tool, however reluctantly, of the Deep State, which is ultimately where to look for those guilty of this massive crime against humanity. Be that as it may, I am not even seeing chemtrails today, though that hardly means they haven’t been present, just that I have not seen them and therefore they have not been prevalent. So why am I doing a chemwatch when I’m not seeing any chemtrails? Well, it’s because I just saw a plane implicated in the operation. A low flying C-17, almost directly over head. It was definitely not as low as the ones that buzzed this neighborhood a couple years ago. Those were very loud and I would estimate  at about a thousand feet. The one I just saw was at 5000 feet or so coursing between and through some low hanging cumulus clouds, which of course can hang as low as 3000 feet. Indeed this plane might have been that low, but for the sake of simplicity I round my estimates of altitude to 5000 feet intervals, beginning at 1000. Indeed, those 1000 foot C-17s that buzzed my house two years ago could have been as low as 500 feet. These are rough estimates.

Anyway, I file this chemwatch because these huge tankers seem to be involved in the chemtrail project, so I want to keep a record of when I see them. And I see them periodically, flying low and even taking off from the nearby municipal airport. Of course they are not spraying when I see them. The planes that are spraying fly much higher, usually so high that it is impossible to make out what kind of plane they are with the naked eye. I suspect many of them are this military aircraft, the C-17 Globemaster III. I have no idea why their flight paths are sometimes so low over the city. It would seem that if they needed to refuel they would do so at a military base, the nearest is about 20 miles from my location.  2:00 PM.


And another thing. I rarely see any other types of planes flying low over the city. Certainly not jumbo jets, even though the municipal airport is about 5 miles east of my location. The low airport bound planes are always in the east on a north/south flight path, either climbing or landing in the distance. Seldom if ever do they fly directly overhead at a low altitude. Yet these huge C-17s seem to fly low for a relatively long period time and on at least one occasion seem to circle the city. I wonder if these low flights over the city is for some future operation. Maybe they are rehearsing some planned operation, for when the shit hits the fan, when they will be ordered to  spray close to the ground. Why are they flying so low and circling the city?

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