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What’s up with the C-17’s? +Why are they flying so low and circling the city?

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a chemwatch post. Thankfully there really has not been that much to report lately. This year the chemtrails have been relatively few. I cannot help but wonder if the election of Trump perhaps indirectly had something to do with that. I would be utterly shocked if he […]

Freedom Rider: The Root and Russophobia

  by  Margaret Kimberley “The Black Guide to Russia is nothing more than Propaganda or Not warmed over with a dark face.” The scoundrels and misleaders in the Democratic Party are leaving no stone unturned in their effort to escape responsibility for their ignominious defeats. There is no evidence of the Russian government “hacking” the […]

Truman put Nukes in Guam and Gave the Order to Nuke North Korea — Washington’s Blog

In 1951, the US placed nuclear weapons in Guam, and Truman gave the order to use them on North Korea. That order was not sent – literally, by accident. The reason: Truman was in the process of removing General MacArthur “because he wanted a reliable commander on the scene” in case he “decide[d] to use… via […]