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by Jon Jeter, August 14, 2017 Mothafuckas just gonna have to be mad at me, I don’t give a fuck. This right here be some bullshit. Is Trump a neo-fascist? By any critical measure, indeed he is. But for the life of me, I cannot come up with a single definition of fascism that would […]

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  1. taotesan · · Reply

    govt theatre to foment hatred. staged . any self-respecting ‘neo-nazi’ with clean cut hairstyles , no tats, yeah right whats with those fancy wancy torches and strong ‘semitic ‘ faces chanting white lives matter- yeah right. you tube videos deleted already. stage actors from craigslist straight outta a movie set. what americans call false flag. govt democratic? reality television american style grassroots coup to topple trump. rouseff toppled already.

    researched who first funded and founded the KKK and why and nary a ‘white supremacist’ slavemaster to be seen.

    1. aint this some shit. they are building the iron curtain all around us and most are blissfully unaware. even helping to do it. like at the abagond limited hangout.

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    thanks nomad wish i could comment more often .
    would love to read some of your own stuff.
    excuse bad english and disregard for punctuation and typos please.

    1. me too. i wish i could write more but writing is difficult for me. and these other folk do it so much better, and faster. like i say, i can write about my personal life real good. but who would want to read that?

    2. I assume youve read my stuff on the mulatto artists. my introduction to my lost diss.
      Lately what I’ve most written about is chemtrail observation. Speaking of which, do they have chemtrails in South Africa? BTW, my colleague from South Africa influenced my diss perspective. He was a coloured. I was amazed to discover that cultural distinction existed there in South Africa (them white racists were mixing!) and theorized that that was the way things were in US history. Before they forced on us the one drop rule.

  3. taotesan · · Reply


    Completely knackered after heavy . Can’t write or think .

    Yes,Nomad you definitely are on the right track . Although ,I did not know what the right word was for the long tails in the sky,decades ago I had always wondered why the unusual tail stayed in position for so long. Latterly noughts and crosses formations have been observed by disparate people.

    After having read about th US government administering aerosol lithium on the poor people of St . Louis and other psychotropic administering on the unaware American citizenry ,perhaps that would not be the case in white dominated areas in South Africa. However ,Operation Popeye with cloud seeding was used during the Vietnam War.

    In South Africa,I believe that climate ,manipulation by transcontinental Monsanto , Bill Gates ,et al , who is very gung ho about vaccinating us Africans have a huge stake in geoengineering .
    We are having the worst drought in Cape Town in the last century ,keeping in mind all the bizarre weather worldwide.
    One aspect of this geoengineering and precipitation manipulation to get the (white) farmers to buy drought resistant seeds and remain debt slaves. Only this is the tip of the iceberg-what with HAARP ,advanced weather prediction ,climate change ,using weather as warfare .

    I have not noticed chemtrails that recently in Cape Town, but definitely when I lived in Johannesburg as early as the late eighties

    1. Wow. That early. My nephew said he noticed them that early too. I didnt notice them until 2007!!!
      Aint that something? A people programmed not to see whats going on over their heads right out in the open. I was blind but now I see.

  4. taotesan · · Reply

    Ay, written on small phone . Forgive bad English .
    ^^heavy training.

  5. taotesan · · Reply

    I scanned Mulatto Diaries ,but could not find Mulatto Artists . I would love to read your work .
    I am a sculptor (and sportsman)- mostly abstract , but have done a few busts ,namely that of Nelson Mandela . Once I had figured out that he was a (jewish)plutocratic pet and sold us out and mislead us I do not know what to do them.

    Coloured people are a result of rape of African indigenous peoples, South East Asian slavewomen by Christian and jewish men of the Dutch East India company, to augment the slave population . All the admixtures from Malaysia, Indonesia Madagascar,West Africa,Indigenous San, Bantu and European . Any person not distinctly ‘Bantu’and not European placed in the middle rung in white hierarchical racial retracing.
    European rape of Africans is normal, nothing to talk about .

  6. taotesan · · Reply

    ^^^terracing ,not retracting

    1. come to think of it, i have another blog with some of that stuff on it. its set to private now but i will set it to public so you can visit. it may be a little disjointed. i havent visited in a while.

      The “Mulatto”
      The issue of double-consciousness runs seamlessly into the issue of the “mulatto”, a biracial figure who dwelled in a world between that of the ruling white society and that of the enslaved black underclass. Herein is the most vivid incarnation of double-consciousness. The mulatto is the flashpoint on the borderline between two races. Prior to the 20th century, African-American artists (professional artists), with rare exception, were mulatto. In fact, the mulatto is the pivotal figure in the history of African-American art. Unfortunately, his importance has largely been ignored, resulting in a distorted perception of that history.

      Probably the best place to start reading is here.

      it will be available in a minute.

  7. You are an artist? Cool. Me too as was my South African colleague.
    Heres my stuff.

    In the body of the diss I get into discussing several early mullato artists, Joshua Johnston, Edward Bannister, Henry Tanner, etc. I even throw in James J Audubon who had some black ancestry. I even talk about Edgar Degas and his Cajun connection. I suggest that Degas is the greatest black artist in American history, or that he would have been if he lived in America. He had American family connections in New Orleans. Maybe I will get a chance to publish that stuff at some point. I should.

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