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The Israel Lobby : Time for a Second Edition Paul Craig Roberts A decade ago in 2007 John J. Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and codirector of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago, and Stephen M. Walt, the Robert and Renee Belfer Professor of…

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  1. This article links to his website which has links on it to Alex Jones who is a conspiracy theorist who also believes the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax 😦

    There are a lot of journalists & organisations etc. that are critical of Israel without linking to these people. I left one source AMEU on your ‘about’ page. There is also the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs / Electronic Intifada / Angry Arab (blogspot) / Arab American Institute / Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee / Council On Islamic Relations. They are all rational sites & organisations defending Palestinian human rights without resorting to anti-semitism. (There are a Jewish orgs working on behalf of Palestinians also). And who do not engage in conspiracy theories.

    All of these people who have sympathy for Palestinians but are conspiracy theorists re. 9/11 & the Newtown Massacre (Sandy Hook) do us an UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE. They cause people to NOT listen to us & NOT believe ANYTHING we have to say. They believe they are helping us but they are actually hurting us.

    We have worked for OVER a century in the States to combat Orientalist stereotypes about ourselves including that we are OVEREMOTIONAL & IRRATIONAL.

    In the last twenty years other groups on the far left AND the far right have used Palestinians to advance their own conspiracy theories of globalism & big government & antisemitism etc. They are doing us an incalculable amount of damage.

    These positions do not help us but rather hurt us. We have NOTHING AGAINST JEWS. We do not hate Jews. Jewish people are our first cousins. (As are others: Greeks / Ethiopians etc.). We have made the distinction & continue to make it that our issues are w/ the State of Israel.

    The people that I know locally that do more for Palestinians & Syrians — are Jewish. This is true for of many Jews all over the world not only the few people I know.

    It’s just weird that every time I link onto one of these articles there is some link saying the Sandy Hook (Newtown) massacre was a hoax & 9/11 was a hoax & vaccines have some nefarious plan behind them. (Vaccines have saved countless lives. Ask Mia Farrow what it was like to have Polio. My grandmother’s sister died at age five from what is now a preventable disease. Many children did not live past five until the invention of various vaccines).

    1. sorry but pcr is for me a trusted source. as is corbett report. i suggest not going to the links.

    2. The funny thing about sites like Alex Jones. If you dont go there the only thing you have to judge them by is what others say about them, mainly MSM. I trust them less than Alex Jones. I dont trust what they say about almost anything. Not about Sandy Hook. And certainly not about 911. I have to evaluate sources for myself and on their own individual merits. I have to see for myself. Hence Aisle C. I’ll see.

    3. That eye up there at the top of my blog? That’s me looking through that slowly contracting slot called the Internet. What’s in there? Aisle C.

      1. Very clever! I missed that!

        I’ve just wanted to say ‘Clean up on Aisle C!’ for awhile now. Only it seemed rude. I was waiting till you really angered me. So now’s good! 🙂

    4. I tried hard to find a clip of the Jack Bennie (iirc) skit that inspired the name. It was this guy I think.

      Jack was asking him where to find some item and the clerk said “aisle C”. And Jack thought he said “I’ll see” and kept waiting for him to check. Confusion and hilarity ensued. LOL.

  2. I left out the very long list of Palestinian orgs & websites etc. that are advocating for their freedom. I only listed a few U.S. based ones. (Also there are ones in the U.K. as & other countries as well).

    There are also the orgs that provide for Palestinian material needs (especially in the camps) — that one can donate to. Inc.:

    Catholic Near East
    United Nations Refugee Works Agency
    Doctors Without Borders (Medicines sans Frontieres)
    The Lutheran Church
    The Orthodox Church

  3. I was rereading some of my past comments last night to clarify something & read the above interchange between us about the Newtown/Sandyhook massacre. (Which you have just called “Sandy Hook” here — omitting the word ‘massacre’. That is simply the name of the village in the town of Newtown).

    Obviously I completely misunderstood you here. I thought when you said you “don’t trust what they say ” about “Sandy Hook” and “9/11” you were referring to Alex Jones & the other old white conspiracy theorists you list here.

    Clearly that was wishful thinking on my part. Because I explained to you that I knew the teacher who was shot to death defending her children in Newtown. Yet you continued — even after knowing that — to believe the conspiracy theory.

    As you have done regarding Holocaust denial on that thread here that Taotesan & MJB commented on — w/ comments engaging in Holocaust denial. Even after I told you that family members of mine were murdered by the Nazi govt. I saw elsewhere something you posted referred to the pro-Palestinian human rights author Norman Finkelstein. He lost family members in the Holocaust. Perhaps you are not aware of that.

    Also my neighbours friend was killed in 9/11 & my old friend who worked at Port Authority there may have been. I explained that to you as well.

    I am only writing here now out of moral obligation. As I replied w/ the above lighthearted comments ONLY after I thought you said you did NOT believe in the Newtown massacre conspiracy theory & 9/11 conspiracy theory.

    Because as I stated in that anti-semitic thread on which taotesan & MJB & yourself help to RUIN our peaceful cause for Palestinian human rights
    by absorbing & repeating lunatic hate filled anti-semetic theories — I am done here. A PLO leader told Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper re. the pseudo-scientific Holocaust denial site Taotesan provided a link to in that thread: “With friends like that we don’t need enemies.”

    1. ^ I meant to write ‘anti-semitic’ NOT * ‘anti-semetic’*; which was obviously a typo since my father is semitic — being Lebanese.

    2. no one said that people didnt die. at least i didnt. the fact that people died doesnt make the mainstream narrative true. they are in the business of lies and manipulation. and btw not all criticism of Jews is antisemitic. most Jews are not even Semites. Palestinians are Semites. no one cries antisemitism when they are being persecuted. odd that.

  4. Obviously I of all people know that not all criticism of Israel is antisemitic. (?!).

    I obviously referred to the antisemitism against “Jews” showcased on your blog & expressed & lauded & applauded in your comment threads. Against “Jews” in general. Against ALL “Jews”. And the Holocaust denial.

    You have made ZERO distinction between “Jews” & Israelis & zionist Israeli supporters over the world who may or may NOT be Jewish. Whilst REFUSING to acknowledge Jews who support Palestinian human rights & those who are neutral (as there are always apolitical people & children & people w/ intellectual disabilities who cannot follow politics etc.!).

    I am the one who differentiated between the actions of the State of Israel / some Israelis (not all) / zionism & of “Jews”. As if there is one monolithic behavior & value system & thought process for “Jews” — as you & your cohorts propose — to begin with!

    And obviously I know the difference between indigenous Jews & Ashkenazi Jews from Europe. (Whose origins conspiracy theorists are incorrect about btw. The Khazar theory is so simplistic it’s laughable. There is a lot more that went into European Jewry!).

    I am half Lebanese (indigenous) & half German w/my mother’s Jewish uncle murdered by the Nazis — but you are going to explain “the truth” to me! Obviously I know we are/I am semitic as a Lebanese American. And I am the one who said there are indigenous Ethiopian Jews as well & indigenous Lebanese Jews & indigenous Palestinian Jews… & Yemeni & Syrian etc.; who we call Oriental Jews etc. I have said all this before.

    I have also given you things to “read” & “believe” (after you asked me what else could you read vs. old paper white American conspiracy theorists) that are very pro-Palestinian & Lebanese & Syrian Yemeni & etc. that do NOT engage in anti-semitic loathing against “Jews”. Yet you have made ZERO effort to read them obviously as you prefer to keep on w/ crazy conspiracy theories & continue to make no effort to differentiate between rabid anti-semitism against “Jews” & the actions of the Israeli State & its supporters. (Settlers & anti-Arab zionists the world over; many of whom are not Jewish. Whilst many pro-Palestinian Jews such as Norman Finkelstein are not to be believed to be sincere according to your follower Taotesan — who you have agreed w/ after every racist anti-semetic comment she has made).

    Those conspiracy theories include Holocaust denial & all the other crazy conspiracy theories regarding “Jews” you link to & concur w/ when Taotesan has ranted about that in long weird erratic obviously paranoid schizophrenic postings. Such as the latest one from Taotesan where she rants about “Jews” being behind the tiki torch white racist who marched on Charlottesville. (Taotesan the “South African” who you pointed out posted from NY & SA in quick succession & described herself as “Puerto Rican” looking person in NYC in her comment about dropping the pacifier whilst NYers gave her dirty looks for that & who oddly uses American English spelling vs. British English spelling like most S.Africans would use British spelling).

    I don’t need OUR political struggle explained to me. My family comes from South Lebanon which was occupied by the State of Israel & bombed repeatedly (as I’m sure it will be again!). Furthermore I KNOW that I am half semite. LOL! These are pointless conversations to have. Because obviously no matter WHAT I say you are not hearing me.

    And there is ZERO about the reporting from what you call the “MSM” (mainstream media) that did not completely & accurately describe the absolute horror of what I KNOW happened in Newtown. This is also true about the Holocaust. As I lost people in both!

    This is making me really really angry. And more importantly it is really depressing. Ever since going on that other Abagond BOG & then over here w/ the hope of solidarity & friendship — from one sinking ship into another! — I am really really depressed about my & our Arab American & Arabs round the world relationship w/ my/our black American brothers & sisters. I say “American” because I have never ONCE encountered this from black Africans or black English or black Germans or Jamaicans etc. (Inc. the dross on that BOG about being accused of lying when I described my father!).

    I have been telling you that these crazy beliefs & ravings are NOT helping us they are HURTING us (Palestinians & Lebanese… Arab Americans… etc.). I also gave you a quote earlier from a member of the PLO on this (“With friends like these we don’t need enemies.” re. Holocaust deniers & people who blame “Jews” for everything under the sun) & from Hezballah (who said they do “not hate Jews” they “only hate the occupation” & said they “love Jews” as “People of the Book”) — but you are still REFUSING to LISTEN to US. You are ruining things for us. The BDS movement — everything!

    Lastly there are no such thing as “morgellans” (another really really white thing on your blog… as evidenced by the whiter than whiter than white Joni Mitchell saying she has them) or “chemtrail”. Just want to make my opinion clear on that… lest someone think that because I am writing to you here — that I believe that.

    1. i think you’ve made yourself perfectly clear. no need to come back. ever.

  5. I obviously referred to the antisemitism against “Jews” showcased on your blog & expressed & lauded & applauded in your comment threads. Against “Jews” in general. Against ALL “Jews”. And the Holocaust denial.
    You have made ZERO distinction between “Jews” & Israelis & zionist Israeli supporters over the world who may or may NOT be Jewish. Whilst REFUSING to acknowledge Jews who support Palestinian human rights & those who are neutral (as there are always apolitical people & children & people w/ intellectual disabilities who cannot follow politics etc.!).

    Is it me, or did Zoe seem overly concerned with the treatment of Jews here which she characterizes as antisemitism? I don’t happen to agree with that characterization as far as what I have posted. As regards what someone says in the comment section or what someone I have posted says elsewhere, I have no control over that. I have made no distinction myself between Jews, Zionists and Israelis because I have not discussed them. That I have left to the people who do. If they do not satisfy Zoe, her quarrel is with them, not me. The people I post have relevant things to say. I value what they say because it is edifying to me. If it’s not so to Zoe that is her problem.

    Yet you have made ZERO effort to read them obviously as you prefer to keep on w/ crazy conspiracy theories

    Her recommendations are just that. Not commands. I can choose to take them or not. I choose not. It is a closed minded person who dismisses the research of others as ‘conspiracy theory’ by which she means its nonsense. I don’t dismiss them. They are more truthful and valid than MSM. Indeed, her long explications are tedious and are proving not to be worth the effort it takes to read them.

    Lastly there are no such thing as “morgellans”

    How in the heck would she know? Has she researched it. She is big on hyping her own anecdotal evidence but dismisses that of people who suffer from the condition. What a closed minded individual.

    In case you are tempted to, Zoe, there is no need for you to respond to this comment. It will not be posted. As with any blog, the blog owner gets the last word.

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