Archons? Illuminati? Lizard people? Or just plain psychopaths? Whatever they are, They live!


  1. The Nomad is making me sad today… We lost our “lizard” in the garden. It escaped it’s cage & we tried to catch it before winter when we saw it living at the front of our house… ‘Live free or die!’

    1. ? last year?

      1. No The Nomad — but thanks for asking. “last year” The Zoe had neither a “house” nor a “garden” nor is part of the same “we” any longer. (This year she does have potted tomato & bean plants on her tarpaper roof/balcony).

        This was when I was very small & lived in a house & garden along w/ some “lizards”. One of them was greenish brown & cute & tiny & freed himself from his enslavement where he’d been imprisoned in a glass cage in my brothers’ room.

        The other ones were quite larger & looked like humans & lived in the house w/me.

        Along w/ my elderly grandmother (NOT a “lizard”) who was a fairytale style wise elderly woman (from Germany) w/ magic powers who grew herbs on the slate terrace & sent me out into the wild behind our house to gather things to make healing spells thousands of years old & unaffected by the historic changes of political regimes (crosses of straw & red string to place on wounds & then bury) & embroidered a beautiful linen wedding dowry for me (which I still have) with LOVE. Every now & then she would open the linen closet & we would stand in front of it & she would say “This is all for you when you marry.” But as I was a child I was too selfish to say ‘Thank You’. So now I thank her by sending my thoughts & prayers over the Moon to Balder’s silver roofed house in Valhalla where there is neither war nor hunger nor sorrow.

        Childhood ❤

      2. It may have been a small salamander (?). It was about four inches long & from a pet shop.

  2. Did I scare The Nomad: Destroyer of Worlds?! (W/ my surreal mostly true story).

    JC Superstar/Carl Anderson/Salvador Dali response to your last comment on Condi/film thread about to drop soon. Wait for it.

    Will read your dissertation (you linked earlier) this weekend also. Inshaallah…

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