Daily Archives: July 19, 2017

The Parasitical Class of Black Misleaders

Danny Haiphong  … The Black political class, what BAR deems the Black misleadership class, was nurtured in the bowels of white capital to provide an outlet for Black politics after the state-sanctioned destruction of the Black liberation movement in the late 1970s. While Jews and other European American workers have historically leaned on whiteness to […]

Beware Obama 2.0: Another white person with a black parent

Freedom Rider: Kamala Harris and America’s Oligarchs California’s new senator is actively being vetted as the “next Obama, “ or “Obama 2.0” — a youngish, biracial corporate Democrat and a woman. Democratic honchos are betting that “white people will consider her exotic enough to be acceptable and black voters will rally around her.” The oligarchic […]

Deja Killer Police Vu

Rhetorical question: Do you think that justice will be served in this case, or will it go the way it so often does with the officer walking away scot-free? Roy Oliver, former Dallas Police Officer who we previously reported on having shot and killed 15-year-old high school freshman Jordan Edwards has now been indicted for […]

Haitian Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Suicided — Covert Geopolitics

A key witness to the Clinton high crime against the Haitian population was suicided, mere days before taking the witness stand. His death is just another line to the long list of Clinton murders involving adversaries and close associates. via Haitian Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Suicided — Covert Geopolitics