Our Leaders Are Psychopaths — The Corbett Report

They walk among us. On the outside. they’re just like you and me, but on the inside they are unfeeling automatons who care only for themselves. They are the psychopaths, and they are in control of our governments, our corporations, our military and all of the positions of power. Join us this week on The…

via Our Leaders Are Psychopaths — The Corbett Report



  1. Is this Corbett Report person somebody who believes that the Newtown Massacre was a govt hoax/conspiracy?

    Likewise for 9/11?

    Because that’s what I seem to be finding online including at his own website.

    I live a few miles from Newtown. I met Victoria Soto shortly before the massacre. We were talking about human rights for Palestinians. She is the teacher (btw for racist conspiracy theorists: half Puerto Rican/half Irish American) who saved most of her children by hiding them in cupboards. She had a lot of sympathy for Palestinians. The last thing I gave her was the date & web address for the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in NYC. (Which she never got a chance to see as it had just ended & she was planning to see it the next year).

    Also a friend of mine from high school who worked in Asia for Save the Children (the US branch is also based here) lives there for some time w/ her husband & children. She was directly involved in the aftermath re. improving gun control laws.

    I can assure you that this actually happened. Sadly.

    As far as 9/11: the controlled explosion of Tower Seven was something discussed at the time. For people who remember that. Because they were afraid it was going to come down & injure people. It was discussed publicly beforehand. Maybe because I’m in & near NYC it was in the news here a bit more; but that was covered in national news also. Yet younger people who do not remember that think they have discovered some coverup when they find old evidence of those discussions.

    As far as the other two Towers (in which my girlfriend worked for Port Authority & my mother’s neighbours’ adult son was killed as the plane flew into his window whilst he was on the phone w/ them); that act of evil horror occurred after the Cana Massacre & the Second Intifada & the Jenin Massacre etc. America gives billions of dollars & technical support & training to the State of Israel to destroy the lives of Palestinians & Lebanese. Thus I have no doubt that these frustrated & angry men actually organised & committed that mass murder completely on their own.

    Saying that White people had to be behind it — Ashkenazi Jewish Israelis and/or US govt etc. — is a continuation of the Orientalism Arabs have faced for centuries. Where Arabs are infantalised as not being able to mastermind or accomplish anything (aside from driving a cab & making your falafel). So it is therefore completely racist when people say that the planes had to be flown & the whole thing arranged by some mysterious yet smarter & more advanced (at plotting & flying planes etc.) White people.

    All of us peace loving Arabs the world over would love to be able to disown the 9/11 terrorists/murderers; but to say that it was impossible for them to master mind & orchestrate this heinous act is simply evidence of the racist infantalising Orientalism that we have been coping w/ for centuries. The belief that they could not have flown the planes. That White people in the US Govt were behind it. That White Israelis were behind it etc.

    I celebrated my best childhood friend’s wedding in the Towers. (They were right near the old Courthouse downtown). And Victoria was one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I’m sure that NYC & it’s surrounding towns seem like a fairytale place to a lot of people but obviously that is not the case for New Yorkers & people in the tri-State area. So it’s a bit difficult to buy the crazy conspiracy theories when I am told I must be one of the people who is supposedly in on the lie. And how incapable Arabs are.

  2. Regardless of whether hes right or wrong on those other issues, hes right about the psychopathology of our leaders.

    1. I was hoping for a big fight w/ you!
      I guess I’ll have to return to that other blog… or BOG as I am calling it.

      I will listen to it later. As I said my phone speeds are down so I can’t watch videos/hear podcasts now; as that is my only internet at home/studio Otherwise I have to use the computer at the library down the street… which you will appreciate more than anyone: I’ve stopped going there due to dog whistle racism. Over a period of years & multiple times when I was getting help at the reference desk for serious research I was doing; this bottle blonde middle aged White woman who is in a supervisory position there would come straight over & try to rescue (you know what I mean) the reference librarian from talking to me — interrupting us!

      It was bizarre. I am a formally trained master goldsmith & civil/human rights advocate; but I think she thinks I am a homeless prostitute crackhead. (Not to malign people w/ those difficulties; but I don’t know how else to describe her behaviour toward me). I’m a designer who worked in NYC fashion for years; but of course people like that don’t notice what you’re wearing! So of course I must be wasting the reference librarians’ time.

      One of the reference librarians apologised to me when I vented to her about it after the LAST STRAW incident. Because their boss is such a lunatic. I was going to report it but it’s so exhausting! The daily dog whistle micro-aggressions. And then there’s only white people to report it to in this town! I’m really ready to move next door (city) where there’s a Jamaican & Nigerian & Latino community — but I love my work/live loft I’m in. I wish I could transport it over the town line which is only about a half mile from here.

      I heard this Black comedian joke recently about how much “work” it is to be a Black person everyday. It was so funny. Brown (or as I like to joke about myself: Grey) is a lot of work also. And now that that blonde Australian woman was murdered by police; it’s something we can all do together… getting shot. We’re getting closer to the “dream”… that we can all get shot together in what is apparently a police state…

      Sorry for the digression… hahaha… anyway I can’t hear podcasts or watch video until next month. I’m trying to save money for some other things. Later I’ll increase my internet & won’t have to ration myself w/ that. Inshaallah. God willing.

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