Cops racially profile (mess with) the proverbial wrong Negro

I have had this happen to me. Stopped after cop ran my tags for no apparent reason. Looking for opportunities to unleash the state on black people. The more police have unwarranted contact with black citizens the greater the likelihood of police violence against them.


Florida State Prosecutor Aramis Donell Ayala is no stranger to controversy and racially charged insults. As we previously reported, the state’s first and only Black prosecutor was the recipient of a noose in the mail after declaring that she would not pursue the death penalty for violent felony cases which she presides over. In a…

via VIDEO: White Florida Cops Racially Profile Driver- Driver Turns out to be State Attorney Aramis Ayala — Counter Current News


  1. Wow. She was not buying it — about the “dark windows”. His story that they stop every car that has “dark windows”. Also about the “stolen cars”. His excuses still gave no answer to why he stopped HER.

    The tables were turned. I wonder if he was worried about that he had made an illegal stop. (Is there such a thing? Since supposedly we live in a democracy vs. a police state). I wonder what happened after she took his name.

    I didn’t understand about “tags”. Is that the plate? What was he saying he’d “…never seen … before.”?

    1. Yes. Tags is the plate. I dont know what it was that he had never seen before. Why run my plates is a good question. They probably run them more often than we know because if they dont find any problem when they run them they wont stop you.

      I was stopped several years ago a block from my home after leaving a friends house about 5 blocks away. Black neighborhood, black cop this time. He said he ran my plates and found that my tags were not up to date, even though they showed up to date by sight. The up to date month sticker was on the tag. Turns out I had just renewed my tags but for some reason it had not been entered into the computer system yet. But the cop would not have known this had he not run my tags. The question remains, why did he run my tags in the first place? The proper up to date month and year sticker was on the plates. The cop claimed he could still give me a ticket if he wanted to because even tho physically everything was up to date, it was not up to date in the computer system. Good thing I didnt have any contraband, huh?

      Just last week I saw a police car in my rear window. Wasnt sure if he was following me. When we came to a stop light, rather than pull all the way up behind me, as would normally be the case for cars stopped at a stop light, he held back half a car length. I deduced that this was so he could see my plates. And run them. The slave catcher couldnt find nothing.

      1. Your “contraband” is inside your head Nomad.

        (Or inside the metal tube that is the Nomad. As we saw in your guest appearance on Star Trek).

    2. Her windows didn’t look too dark—couldn’t have been more than manufacturer’s tint, but the cop had to come up with some excuse that was better than the first one he gave.

      I don’t know if there is such a thing as an “illegal” stop, especially if they’re allowed to run a tag for virtually any reason. I mean a cop could make up any excuse he wanted, like the first one he gave Ayala, “your tag didn’t come back, never seen that before”.

      The fact is there’s no way a civilian can verify their excuse.

      1. I haven’t owned a car since 1980. (Since prior to moving to the City/NYC). And I haven’t driven since 2002. (Car of a family member). Now I’m an hour outside the City & could use one to do fun & important things (concerts in far away towns / civil & human rights events I get invited to that are elsewhere in the state & not on the train line); but it’s far too expensive for me (gas/insurance/repairs/car itself). I’m living like a New Yorker but outside the City. (It’s a pain to have a car there so people don’t want them even if they can afford them).

        That’s why I wasn’t sure if “tags” meant metal plates or those stickers (that I have no clue what they are for! License plate renewal? Up to date insurance?).

        Or… I’m outed here… I am from another planet… I just intercept the satellites circling the planet you call ‘Earth’ directly… I’ve come to collect the virtuous & those who can make me laugh. Get your things together…

    3. a long time ago i think you had to renew the metal plate every year. now you just renew the sticker each year. paste the new sticker over the old one on the plate. its vehicle registration. here the little sticker costs about 100 $.

      1. Thanks Nomad — add that $100 to the other reasons I listed here for why I don’t have a car then!

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