New Study: Chemotherapy Can Help Spread Cancer, Cause More Aggresive Tumors

“Nearly the entire program and staff of the chemical war service was reformed into the Sloan Kettering drug development program…where they worked on converting mustard gas into chemotherapy.”

According to a new study published in Science Translational Medicine, some types of chemotherapy can increase aggressivity in cancer, causing malignant cells to migrate and triggering more dangerous tumors. But don’t worry, the same research team found a drug that might mitigate some of the effects of the chemotherapy treatment! Join James for today’s Thought…

via New Study: Chemotherapy Can Help Spread Cancer, Cause More Aggresive Tumors — The Corbett Report


  1. I trust my German grandmother’s medicine. She was a Krauterfrau (herbwoman) who grew up on a dairy/horse farm in what was then Prussia Germany & is now in Poland. They retained a lot of pre-Christian folk belief & practises & medicine (herbs & other remedies such as specific foods to eat). One of which is those who have passed on coming to us in our dreams to warn of an impending health crisis or offer suggestions for food to heal the trouble. I experienced an astonishing example of this after my grandmother’s death that can have no other explanation. She moved to Berlin at age ten & became a bespoke dressmaker but she retained this ancient knowledge.

    Re. radiation. I had a serious spine surgery at age 13 at a top US Children’s hospital affiliated w/ an ivy league school. They wanted me to have x-rays every year for the rest of my life. They said it was safe; that “one x-ray is just like sitting in the sun for a year.” My mother said it was NOT “safe”. And asked rhetorically ‘Who sit’s in the sun for a year?’ So we did not listen to them & I refused unnecessary ones at the dentist etc. also. (My mother who as I told The Nomad grew up in Nazi Germany was never less than completely amazed at how the parents of my friends did every single thing that doctors told them. She was proud of her analytical distrust of authority & told us to always weigh everything rationally & “think for ourselves” vs. blindly following “authorities”. An FBI man came to see her also after she was brought to the States as a displaced person by the Red Cross; but that is for another thread! She had a healthy distrust for authority after the Nazis & being stuck in the Soviet Zone of Berlin… her father taken to Russia for slave labour… her aunt murdered by the Nazis IN A HOSPITAL BY DOCTORS & NURSES!).

    Of course it was only a little later that it was discovered how very dangerous even a little “sitting in the sun” is. And newer models of x-ray machines did not give the ridiculously high doses that the early & even later 70s models did.

    Likewise w/ mammograms. In the US beginning in the 1990s women were told to have one a year from age 40 onward w/ some even suggesting from age 30s. I was not in line w/ that because of all the x-rays I had as a child (see above) & because of the already known dangers of low level radiation. And because modern medicine switches round on everything periodically. So I had a baseline done at age 41 just incase it was needed for comparison someday. And then nothing. So of course lately they are again saying it’s not necessary & can even be dangerous.

    I have an autoimmune disease (Celiac) & metabolism conditions (trouble metabolising legumes/beans & sugars) very common to Arabs & Nordic peoples. (Of which I am both). I was exhausted along w/ other myriad symptoms (inc. the above destroyed spine which was due to starving since infancy & having dark skin in the Northeast US so not getting enough vit.d). Rather than sorting out my completely textbook symptoms which btw should have been evident as I look like an indigenous Bedouin: they (countless physicians) wanted to prescribe amphetamines for fatigue. I refused to take them because a) I was really thin & they make you lose more weight. b) You are not supposed to take them if you have heart arythmia (sp?) which I have. It can kill people & it has. Children on Ritalin etc. c) It’s addictive & hence a street drug d) Evidence already available then in the 1990s showed that it does long term damage to the brain.

    I finally — through a series of events — found out (without medical assistance) that I had these hereditary conditions of food/digestion/metabolism & improved many of my symptoms by avoiding certain foods & eating meat again. (Though obviously not damaged bones etc.). The heart trouble was due to starvation as was everything else.

    So basically a visibly starving person w/ all the symptoms of starvation (too numerous to list here but I was on death’s door) was prescribed amphetamine for lack of energy! So they nearly killed me. And it was only my upbringing in this ancient Nordic pre-Christian belief & healing practises that saved me! My skepticism of their ‘a pill for every ill’ & radiation mentality. Including the dream in which my grandmother came to me: telling me what foods to avoid & what to eat. (I had the dream BEFORE I found out what exactly was the matter w/ me. Celiac etc. And as I write down dreams of my grandmother & date them; I know the dream came BEFORE my sorting out what was the matter w/ me & learning about these conditions. Which are more common in Nordic people also. All people’s that lived on mostly meat & dairy vs. year round produce & grain).

    I avoid doctors/hospitals as much as possible. They often treat me as if I am lying as well. Giving me the Inquisitor’s Third Degree. It’s weird. (See my other comments to you today on ‘patient profiling’ of POC). I have had so many other malpractise scenarios w/ physicians & hospitals it would be too long a list here. Yale New Haven Hospital sent me a letter saying I was in perfect health when really I had a precancerous condition for which I needed a slight surgery (which I had done at my own ob-gyn because I was smart enough to ignore the letter from Yale). When I rang Yale to point out their mistake they admitted (over the phone only) that there had been “nothing on the slide”. The procedure had been done by a student intern there who had messed it up. (My experience w/ him in the exam room was nightmarish so it was not a big surprise — hence my going back to my own ob-gyn). So rather than saying they had a clean slide & contacting me to have another test; they decided to write this letter telling me I was fine & not caring if I died. (They had the records from my private ob-gyn saying precancerous cells were found by a local lab. Yale was supposed to take it from there). Probably the student was shamelessly trying to cover his error of managing to get zero of my cells on the slide. (I really hope medical ethics think tanks & researchers & professors are reading this!).

    If I had listened to every physician in my life I would be dead already. I’m trying to behave well through all this to be let into the Green Fields… Or Valhalla… Or both… Hope it is working Nomad.

    1. The part that gets me -which is why I highlighted it- is ‘converting mustard gas into chemotherapy’. Turning a chemical weapon into chemotherapy! Did they know chemotherapy was deadly from the very beginning? Is this some kind of institutionalized covert eugenics?

      1. Most probably my grandmother’s sister/mum’s aunt was murdered in the cellar of a Berlin Sanitorium (nursing home/rehabilitation center/hospice would be the contemporary US equiv.) by Zyklon B gas. It was invented as a cyanide based insecticide in Germany in the 1920s.

        I have come to the conclusion after many years (inc. some of my own experiences I wrote you of above) that contemporary medicine (beginning even before the industrial era w/ use of mercury & bloodletting & grinding up Egyptian mummies to ingest as medicine & surgery for everything vs. focus on diet etc.) is about DEATH… not LIFE.

        I cured myself (partially — as 50+ years of literal starvation damaged my bones & muscles & heart) via food & by my grandmother having raised me in this pre-Christian belief (similar to Native American) where I knew to listen to her dreams & follow trails of breadcrumbs in life (meaning paying profound attention). That lead me to read what I read on the internet (reputable sites such as Harvard & the Mayo Clinic) & realise/learn I was literally starving my whole life due to gluten & certain other seeds/grains (corn & beans) & that like many other indigenous people whose ancestors lived on only meat and dairy for most of the year I can not metabolise sugar well.

        Food is LIFE. The entire modern medical model is based on sugery or chemical surgery via drugs or radiation. It’s all about killing or rearranging. For example w/ drugs meant to alter people cognitively. People who take those feel calmer & happier because they work like a chemical lobotomy or electroshock. Your tossing a chemical that can get past the blood/brain barrier in there & giving yourself a brain injury in increments. So it’s then more difficult to feel anxious or hyperactive or restless or depressed when you’re tired and/or confused. That’s why the side effects on those psychiatric drugs always include confusion & fatigue! I’m not explaining it at all well here. Peter Breggin explained it very well. He has a website (or had). He’s a psychologist who has written many books on the subject.

        I very rarely take any drugs even when doctors would prescribe antibiotics for something routine. At the dentist for example. The last time I went to a dentist she was furious at me for that. She wanted me to take them beforehand for something minor. And w/ my digestive tract having been injured for ages that is the LAST thing I should be doing; taking antibiotics when I have no infection simply as a precaution. Everyone under the sun in medicine warns against overuse of antibiotics; yet she was angry at me because I did not want to take them without a reason… when it could wipe out all the flora in my intestines & I already have severe celiac.

        Honestly every doctor & dentist I’ve seen is so arrogant when it comes to my LIFE. And I’m not coming at them w/ some fairytale. Everything I bring to the table is hard science. (Well almost everything! I’ve never described our belief in dreams from ancestors!).

        I feel like they don’t even bother to read their own specialty journals. A physician wanted me to have an MRI once. I had to remind them that I have two steel rods in my back. I would have been sucked up against the machine. And hopefully the rods don’t “become displaced”… to use the clinical term. (Not sure if this has ever been tested so I don’t know what the result would be!).

        I’m telling you Nomad — I am so tired of these people. And they are probably even more offended that the patient — a female w/ no academic university degree who looks as though she stepped out of a black goathair tent near the Empty Quarter — knows more about why they can’t have an MRI or take antibiotics than they do. Btw… surprise surprise… three pale more Euro looking siblings are patiently listened to at doctors visits etc. In all the years I had excruciating back pain w/ two steel rods in my back & a damaged spine since age thirteen no physician ever offered me painkillers. Not even temporarily. OR physical therapy. As I got older listening to others stories (the recent opioid epidemic for example) I discovered how strange this was. Newsflash! Apparently white people are offered painkillers for the spinal equivilent of a hangnail — whilst I had to resort to aspirin & heat.

        I’m not saying I would have taken the drugs — as I wouldn’t have — but THAT is not the point. I read that white people are given painkillers to their hearts delight. (Hence the recent epidemic in that population). I think they were ‘patient profiling’ me.

        Sorry for the digression from the article & your comment. None of us should be surprised at this death cult known as modern medicine. The Tuskeegee experiments! And the list goes on. Black Soldiers/prisoners/disabled children (given over the known acceptable limit of radiation on purpose)/psychiatric patients (along w/ prisoners experimented on w/ LSD)… and last but not least electroshock & lobotomy (including on children considered unruly by their parents who brought them in — as late as the 60s). Please see the documentary on the father of lobotomy. I’ll try to find the name of it for you. I think it was on PBS. Every American should watch that.

        I really believe medicine has blood on it’s hands. These teaching hospitals need to make more apologies than they have. Eugenics… Forced sterilisation… Native Americans forcibly sterilised without their knowledge up until the 1970s when women went in to give birth or for some other reason. White people who think it is a post-racial world are delusional. Tell that to some Native woman who was sterilised in the 70s that her story is in the past. There is certainly a lot of evil behind the smiling hospital brochures one gets in the post.

  2. It’s not THAT surprising TBH. Chemotherapy drugs are toxins that target rapidly dividing cells. Therefore they attack cancer cells but also attack other harmless rapidly dividing cells like your hair follicles (which is why chemo patients tend to lose their hair). Other such cells include cells in your bone marrow that make blood cells and participate in the immune response. So ironically, chemotherapy can impair the immune system which is the body’s natural defense against infection, and yes, tumors (abnormal cells are usually killed by roving white blood cells). IMO, chemo drugs are basically medical sledge-hammers and there’s a lot of collateral damage to harmless tissue. This could probably make it easier for surviving cancer cells to take root anew in a body weakened by both the cancer and the cure.

    1. yes. thanks.

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