Unarmed Black Man Shot In The Back While Lying On The Ground, Mainstream Media Isn’t Covering It


With the advent of social media, we’ve seen a change in how news is covered. No longer are news cycles dictated by huge news agencies like CNN. Now, we’ve been given an outlet to address pertinent issues and pressing news out that’s relevant to our struggle. It seems as if every week there’s a police brutality story. It hurts us over here at Urban Intellectuals to always post these news stories. But, it’s necessary. Justice won’t be served if these information of these situations are repressed. And, now, we have to share another story of the police murdering an innocent black civilian.

There are several stories surrounding the death of 27-year old Dejuan Guillory. In this article, we’re reporting what we know to date about what occurred in chronological order. News affiliate WAFB reports:

According to LSP, the deputy responded to an attempted burglary call in the town of Mamou Thursday morning at roughly 4:10 a.m.

When the deputy got to the scene, he found Dejuan Guillory. The release did not say whether Guillory was suspected of committing the alleged attempted burglary.  
“Once contact was made, an altercation between Guillory and the deputy occurred,” states a press release. “During the altercation, Guillory was shot.”  
Guillory was pronounced dead at the scene.  

During the struggle, the deputy was injured and was taken to a local hospital. Officials did not provide details regarding his injury.  The deputy, whose name was not provided, is reportedly in stable condition. Later in the evening, investigators with LSP arrested Dequine E. Brown, 21, of Church Point in connection with the case. Officials say Brown was with Dejuan Guillory during the incident. She is charged with attempted first degree murder of a police officer and was booked into the Evangeline Parish Jail.”

That was the initial report after the incident occurred. Later on, we found the name of the officer (Paul Holden LaFlure) and other “details” surrounding Dejaun’s  murder. This next report was released in Pinpoint News.

Mamou, LA- Ville Platte Deputy Paul Holden LaFluer was the officer involved in the shooting this morning. According to the family, the girlfriend of Deputy LaFluer had been having an affair with Guillory. Between 4-5am, Guillory and the girlfriend of LaFluer were out riding Guillory’s 4-wheeler to catch frogs; frogging. It’s reported that the officer sustained injuries in the scuffle that ensued but no gunshot as originally reported. Guillory was unarmed although his fists are considered deadly (fighter).

The family of DeJuan Guillory viewed his body and said that DeJuan Guillory was shot 4 times in the back. They saw NO exit or entry wounds on the chest. It is speculated by family members that because Guillory has a record and has recently served time for attempting to stealing an ATM, family members believe police said the deputy was there to investigate a burglary.

He’s beloved in the community by all races. All-star athlete, father, and business owner, Guillory fell on hard times and took to crime when he was younger. He turned his life around. He was seen last night in a good mood from being paid on a big concrete project. His family and friends are speaking out saying he had no need to steal anything. There is an outpouring of support for him on social media but the local media is not reporting on any details other than him being a possible suspect.

Community members in Evangeline Parish have stressed that their parish has a reputation for being the most corrupt department in the state.

The burglary story seems fabricated, about as faulty as this supposed “affair” Dejuan was having with LaFlure’s girlfriend. Kierra Guillory, sister of Dejuan Guillory, posted this on her social media account.

Earlier today, the attorney of Dequince Brown spoke about the case detailing her and Dejuan’s side of the story.

According to Attorney Long, his client, Dequince Brown was the victim DeJuan Guillory’s  girlfriend. On July 5th, the two went four wheeling in the Mamou area with plans to go frogging later that night. As they drove down one of the gravel roads, Deputy LaFleur began to follow them. Guillory turned off the road to allow LaFleur to pass, but instead the deputy continued to follow them and ordered them to stop and kill the engine. The stop changed, however, when LaFleur asked for their I.D.s.

Guillory told Lafleur that they did not have ID’s on their persons because they were going frogging and did not want them to be lost or damaged in the water. At no time did Lafleur question anyone about any alleged burglary. Instead, Lafleur grew angry with Guillory and got into his face. Guillory told him to “get out of his face” and Lafleur refused.

Guillory then pushed the officer away from his face. LaFleur then shoved Guillory and the two began fighting, with Guillory scoring at least two punches to LaFleur’s face. Brown implored her boyfriend to stop fighting and leave.  Guillory then stopped the altercation and moved back to the four wheeler, preparing to leave. LaFleur then drew his weapon and ordered Guillory to get on the ground.

Guillory complied, laying on the ground on his stomach, and placing his hands behind his back. The officer then approached, placing his knee to Guillory’s back, while pointing his gun at Guillory. The officer ordered Guillory to “quit moving”, while placing his knee to Guillory’s back. When Brown told Guillory to just do what he says, Lafleur pointed the gun at Brown and said, “Shut the fuck up or I’ll shoot you.”  

At that point, Guillory began pleading with the officer, telling him he was a father of three and didn’t want to be killed. Suddenly, a shot rang out into Guillory’s back. Attempting to save her boyfriend from execution, Brown jumped on the officer’s back, biting him on the neck. Brown weighs about 110 pounds and is about 5′, 5”.  Immediately thereafter, LaFleur fired three more shots. Guillory never got off the ground.

The full audio of the testimony is below.



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  3. Murder in Mamou, LA-Deputy executes Father of 3, Penpoint News


  1. This is terrible, and no I haven’t heard about it, so thanks for covering it!

    This incident reminds me of one that happened to Terrance Sterling who was riding a motorcycle and was shot dead by police in Washington, DC. Police made up a similar story which contradicted eyewitness reports. Not a head has rolled as a result of this murder. Shameful indeed.

  2. Very brave girl — jumping on the cop trying to stop him shooting her boyfriend AFTER he was shot once. She is a gem. How many people would be able to do that.

    It’s another case of a policeman feeling he has society’s permission to act out his own personal anger. That’s what all the aquittals say to these policemen. They say policemen’s anger (described as ‘fear’ in court when really they were angry) is more important than human life.

    1. they are todays matt dillon. dealing out justice (as they see it) at the barrel of a gun. the courts have given them a license to kill.

      1. I had to look up your Gunsmoke reference Nomad! (I knew you weren’t referring to the film actor who is around my age w/ the same name).

        To extend your analogy: then America is Kitty Russell. The Saloon owner & unconsumated love interest behind Dillon who supports his every move. (I had to look that up also).

        No Black people & no Syrians etc. in those Westerns. Despite Syrians were out West by the 19th c. (& even earlier if we are counting those who came w/ the Spanish). Bonanza had the token Chinese person. A servant of course. My Asian (half Japanese/half German NYC painter & public school art teacher & prof) girlfriend & I used to joke about that.

        And Mayberry somehow escaped the entire 1960s Civil Rights horror. By simply having almost zero Black people in the show… except I think once or twice… as guest characters…

        And Oprah said it was her favourite show as a child…

        No other POC in that town — Mayberry — either. I wonder if there is an ‘Armenian’/Lebanese/Syrian ‘peddlar’ guest appearance. (Like the character in ‘Oklahoma’ portrayed as lying & oversexed of course).

        Nobody had a Greek or Italian or Eastern European name either; despite all the hundreds of people from those groups of immigrants who died in nightmarish coal mining disasters… in W.Virginia for example.

        Sorry to have digressed from your ‘Matt Dillon’ comment to this extent! This country we are living in feels so dystopic & surreal to me (my optimism of youth is largely all gone… it’s not that things have changed…) that I am running out of seemingly useless words…

    2. glad you got that reference. thought of it while watching gunsmoke reruns. matt approached a suspect, basically minding his own business, but there was some kind of grudge he had against matt. matt basically started a fight with the guy and killed him. that’s matt dillon justice. sheriff judge and executioner.

      1. We need to protest Gunsmoke reruns Nomad.

        They’re also influencing the NRA lovers. Such as to buy MORE guns after the Newtown massacre. (To the horror & confusion of most of the rest of the world).

        We’ve been indoctrinated. (Your TV etc. post). I don’t own a TV anymore. Not in a unibomber anti-technology manifesto type way: but only — as I described to you earlier — because my TV broke & I thought ‘This is NICE’… If I want to watch things online or on dvd I still can…

        I actually thought you were referring to the Gen X actor Matt Dillon. (Real name: Matt Dillon). But I quickly had it sorted that you couldn’t be — as he wasn’t sauntering around slaughtering people. So I was forced to go online where the first thing that came up was the Wikipedia page for the actor. Then I had to follow the ‘disambiguation’ link to your obscure & archaic reference.

        My new favourite word is ‘disambiguation’. In Arabic we have traditional poetry jousts. (Forgot the name for those). This still is done. Picture a late 70s/early 80s Bronx breakdance battle only w/ poems. ‘Disambiguation’ is such a great word. I’m going to put in on & in everything now… like salt on food. Example: ‘I was so concise in my explanation to them that I disambiguated them!’

      2. PS

        Re. poetry battles in Arabic. They’re more like rap battles… vs. what I wrote about dance…

  3. Who is policing the police though? In the criminal justice field. Because we as a country are obviously routinely arming complete sociopaths & giving them free reign to murder mostly Black & Native people (& the latter NEVER get any coverage in mainstream media).

    Since criminal justice is taught at university level I’m wondering how this is being addressed there.

    When someone applies to be a policeman/woman there is some kind of personality test (type of psychological test) — is there not? Which points to the failure of those tests to weed out psychopaths. And those kind of test results still need to be interpreted by biased human beings. Probably because the traits they WANT in police are traits that in other situations would look like narcissism/sociopathy/anger problems.

    1. Since criminal justice is taught at university level I’m wondering how this is being addressed there.

      that is a very good question. is it being addressed at all? or is academia complicit in this crime against humanity?

      1. x 1000

        I want to research that a bit online now. Are the AA & POC & civil/human rights & international law etc. studies programs interfacing w/ criminal justice studies programs in a systemic way? (Vs. students taking courses as various electives).

        This book was just published:

        ‘Called to Rise’ by the recent/now former Dallas police chief — who is Black. (I’ve forgotten his name. I’m just looking at a note I made of the book title yesterday). He was interviewed on public radio about his book & shootings of Black men (I was going to parrot the word ‘unarmed’ but there is not the death penalty for carrying a weapon) & the killing/shooting of the five policemen there. The whole topic of the book seems to be about these repeated targeted shootings/murders of Black men… but I’m not sure; maybe it is an autobiography. (The interviews are online in podcast form).

      2. Correction: I should have written: ‘… shootings of Black men & WOMEN & CHILDREN…’ There’s another thing happening where the latter are being forgotten. Including recently an unborn baby in Seattle.

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