What I was concerned about in 2014

It’s hard to remember 2014. That’s why I’m glad I made some notes.


It is dismaying to find Internet memes at my doorstep. Chemtrails above and the marginalization of  so-called conspiracy theory; the militarized attitude of the police that views the inner city as a war zone -police state America. The US is transforming, apparently moving towards fascism. When you can be handcuffed by the cops in your own back yard with no justification except for the nebulous accusation of looking suspicious; subjected to the proverbial unreasonable search, you are living in a police state. The state now violates with no judicial restraint my constitutional rights. I have had encounters with the police before, but all interactions were reasonable in a plausible deniability kind of way. The police generally applied the law invidiously, according to race, but it was usually well with in the limits  of legitimate law enforcement. This incident was not. It crossed the line. I’m not protesting. Not here at this moment. Perhaps I will compose a protest later. Right now I am just stating a fact; one that was impressed upon me by that event. If I didn’t know it before then, there was no mistaking it now. The inner city is a police state. The police view its inhabitants much the same way our soldiers view the residents of the foreign cities they occupy. That’s one example of how an Internet meme, the notion that America is being transformed into a police state, landed, literally on my doorstep. It’s as obvious, almost, as the chemtrails overhead.

Another Internet meme has found its way to my doorstep as well, or at least to the neighborhood. A neighbor in my erstwhile community told me today that he had been the victim of the knockout game; had been hospitalized for several days. A black man, a few years younger than myself and no stranger to the street. I had always been impressed how he walked boldly through the neighborhood, unafraid and always with a friendly greeting in a deep resonant voice. I was deeply saddened to hear that had happened to him. This is a new kind of dip in the morality of these misguided people who live among us here in the inner city. Punks. That is the only way to describe those -and it is always a group of these cowards- that would blindside a defenseless passerby. For kicks! Sure, people have gotten mugged in this neighborhood before; for beef or money. But I had never heard of anyone knocking out someone just for fun. And certainly not youths knocking out their elders. This is some sick shit. And I’ve got to be even more vigilant when I am outside at my old address. That is the irony of crimes that society mostly associates with black people. The typical victim is not the white person; but that is the way the knockout game is presented to the public via the Internet. The most likely victims of these juvenile delinquents is not going to typically be the white guy across town. It’s going to be people in the community where these young thugs live. Black people.



  1. hmmmm…

    The police view its inhabitants much the same way our soldiers view the residents of the foreign cities they occupy.

    then again, the same thing happened to Skip Gates. but the cop would not have beat up Skip Gates, as I suspect this cop was preparing to do to me. cant say for sure, but my instinct told me that if my story didnt check out he was going to beat the crap out of me. spidey sense was tingling.

  2. The police think beating up “suspects” is their job. Particularly if they are black. They are the official slave patrol.

  3. And look at this shit.

  4. Who’s filming this? The gentleman who is the PI in the car being threatened by the cops? Or another passenger? They don’t know he is filming it looks like.

    This was scary.

    He remained so calm & self-possessed.

    It looks like every single one of those police was a POC. Latino & Latina & then the Black policeman. That is so disturbing. It’s like ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ (b&w horror sci-fi film). Only instead of aliens taking people over by creating exact replicas (inside what look like giant pea pods) people are taken over by American White Supremacy even if they are not White.

    See my other post I just wrote on why I think sociopaths are attracted to this job — being a policeman. I just wrote it attracts people who want to control & micromanage people’s behaviour — NOT ‘help’ people as they always claim. This video illustrates that perfectly! (I only saw this after I wrote that comment in the thread on the post about the Black woman w/ the White baby harrassed by airport security or police).

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